Kristen Schmidt

Kristen Schmidt is a writer and editor in Columbus, Ohio. She has a certificate in culinary arts from Washburne Culinary Institute in Chicago, where the best piece of advice she learned was, "Mise en place your life."
Here’s How Long Bread Will Last in the Freezer (and How to Store It)
It's possible to freeze carbs and enjoy them later in a not-rock-hard state.
Dec 15, 2022
If Your Carbon Steel Pan Looks Like This, Don’t Freak Out
What to do when your carbon steel skillet, wok, or paella pan gets more funky than chic.
Sep 27, 2022
Here’s How Long Chicken Breasts Will Last in the Freezer (and How to Store Them)
If you're a 30-minute-or-less Tuesday night cook, chances are you've got a bunch of chicken breasts in the freezer right now. Could you be storing them better?
Sep 21, 2022
What’s the Difference Between Cast Iron and Carbon Steel?
Cast iron and carbon steel have a lot in common, so which one should you get?
Mar 8, 2021
Here’s How Long Ice Cream Can Last In the Freezer (and How to Store It)
True story: I know a guy in Columbus, Ohio, who hangs on to pints of limited-edition flavors by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Not for days or weeks, but for months and longer. Because, as he’s explained, sometimes you get a hankering for a scoop of Lapsang Souchong with Armagnac Prunes, a flavor that was discontinued years ago.
May 1, 2019
Here’s How Long Everything Will Last in Your Freezer: A Quick Guide
As long as your freezer is working at its optimal level, keeping food consistently at 0°F, the food inside will be safe to eat indefinitely. There’s no safety concern with anything that’s been properly frozen. The real issue is just how much you’ll actually enjoy it, as some foods might not have the taste or texture you prefer when eating something a year later. Not willing to risk eating leathery meat? We don’t blame you.
May 1, 2019
Here’s How Long Ground Beef Will Last in the Freezer (and How to Store It)
With a package of ground beef in the freezer, you’re only minutes away from a spontaneous grilling session, Taco Tuesday, or a hearty meatloaf. This home cook’s staple is a breeze to freeze and can stash safely for months. Here’s what you need to know about it. Time is of the essence from the moment you purchase refrigerated ground beef, said Laura Hagen, senior director of the Culinary Center at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
Jul 20, 2017
Here’s How Long Fruits and Vegetables Will Last in the Freezer (and the Best Way to Make Them Last)
The sunshine’s nice and all, but if we had to pick one thing to bottle up and save each summer, it’d be the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that pop up at farmers markets all season long. For food writer Jamie DeMent, it’s a total must-do. Her grandmother had a special kitchen dedicated just to canning!
Jul 14, 2017