Kristen Lubbe

Does One Thing Very Well: Chef’n Strawberry Huller
We’re normally quite adamant about avoiding unitaskers (hello Yonanas!). But from time to time there are exceptions. Strawberry hullers fall into the same camp as cherry pittersThere are so many recipes and amazing summery dishes that call for strawberries — sometimes a lot of strawberries. One of my least favorite tasks is cutting off the stems, because it takes quite a bit of time.
Jul 25, 2023
Five Favorite Mixing Bowl Sets
Mixing bowls are a necessity in every kitchen. Whether you have a set or mix-and-match pieces, you’ve got at least a few. We often see color-coordinated sets of mixing bowls, and we can’t help but stop and appreciate how beautiful they are.Pretty mixing bowls like these are also multi-use: When they are this cute, they can go from kitchen to table as serving bowls, too.
May 12, 2022
Steven’s Bright Orange & Modern Kitchen
There’s certainly no lack of sunlight or bright orange in Steven’s corner kitchen. He selected the color specifically for its bold nature and we think it works really well in the space. It’s not every day you see a kitchen as bright and bold as this one.We’re really surprised at just how minimal this kitchen is. Everything is perfectly put away and there’s not one single object out of place.
Mar 5, 2020
Warren & Mimi’s Modern Yet Highly Personal Kitchen
While we love the sleek and immaculate look of a modern kitchen, we also appreciate it when homeowners add a touch of personality. A few personal or idiosyncratic touches can help make an otherwise cold, sterile kitchen environment come alive. That is certainly the case here, in Warren and Mimi’s kitchen — it’s sleek, white, and packed with personality!Half of Warren and Mimi’s highly personal kitchen is grey and white with sleek and textured surfaces.
Apr 27, 2019
5 Uses For Wonton Wrappers
Wonton wrappers get a bad rap (pun intended). Plenty of people only use them for cuisines of a certain background and forget about them the rest of the time. These little gems are actually quite useful no matter the background of the cuisine you’re preparing. In the mood for low-calorie tacos tonight? No problem! Grab turkey, lettuce, tomato and yes, wonton wrappers — they make perfect taco shells.
Jul 21, 2011
Food Best Served On a Stick
Party food is meant to be fun and a direct reflection of the ambiance and atmosphere you’re trying to create with the party. If you’re looking to throw a fun, down to earth yet delicious party — maybe you should seriously consider serving food on a stick. Yes, you read that right — on a stick!
Jun 21, 2011
Do You Use Cupcake Stands?
We’re thinking about throwing a few small get togethers between January and February and we’re thinking cupcakes would be much easier than baking an entire cake (less clean up, less fuss!). Problem is, we’re trying to figure out the best way to serve the cupcakes.We came across a few cupcake stands that would do the trick. We only managed to find one that seemed to be neutral in its design and we found that to be pretty surprising.
Jan 13, 2010