Julianna Rose Dow

Julianna is a etiquette and culture writer based in New York City. A displaced Southerner, she enjoys a good pun, bourbon, and a well deployed thank you note.
5 Conversations to Have on the Front Porch (with Sweet Tea or Something Spiked)
It doesn’t matter if it’s a grand wrap-around veranda or a tiny Juliet balcony looking out over the street — a front porch is a perfect place for conversations big and small. And those chats — whether intimate exchanges or idle gossip; talking truth or telling tall tales — with old friends, neighbors, lovers, soon-to-be-ex-lovers, what have you, are almost always improved by a cold drink.
May 1, 2019
Beyond Southern Sweet Tea: How Sweet Tea Is Drunk Around the World
A mistake had been made. My mother absentmindedly asked for an iced tea at the roadside barbeque joint in rural North Florida. To her chagrin, before she could chase down the waitress and clarify unsweetened tea, a beverage appeared with a glycemic index somewhere between that of a Coca Cola and straight simple syrup. At 8 years old, I was more than happy to drink the sweetened beverage, the sucrose completely masking any bitterness in the tea that my immature pallet would have rejected.
May 1, 2019
7 Times That Are More Magical on the Front Porch
A front porch is a magical place. It’s public and private. It allows you to be part of the larger world around you while having time to yourself and your family. You can wave hello to your neighbors without having to stop what you are doing or make small talk, or if you’re feeling social you can invite them to come join you. It’s the best, and it makes everything and every time (or at least these seven times) better.
Aug 26, 2016