Joshua Thomas Gandee

Joshua Thomas Gandee is a bartender, and creative working in and around the restaurant industry for over a decade. Joshua quit drinking in 2017, and began creating a non-alcoholic culture in his city and beyond through recipes, recommendations, and a penchant for any water that bubbles. Joshua believes a change in mindset, can produce a change in identity and works to be the best version of himself possible while helping to lift the spirits of those around him. Joshua lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Laura, and their alliterate pets, Betty and Bernard.
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Recipe: The Fruit Cocktail Cocktail
Growing up in rural Ohio, most of my snacks had one thing in common: the top peeled off. Looking through that veiled plastic window into my snack of pale orange and off-white, I was anything but excited. I just couldn’t bring myself to tear into it the way I would a snack cake; in fact, the fruit cup was the one treat in the pantry that looked back at me every time I opened the door. That was until something magical happened: the halved cherry.
May 1, 2019