Joel MacCharles

Joel MacCharles is co-founder of WellPreserved, co-author of Batch Cookbook, and former TEDxToronto speaker. His passion is to make preserving food accessible.
How To Make Fizzy, Fermented Salsa
If it’s not already, fermented salsa should be on your radar for next-level summer eats. It has a distinct, tangy flavor and faint effervescence that sets it apart from a fresh chopped pico de gallo or cooked salsa. It’s also not so loud that it tastes overly sour — that is, unless you like it that way! As with any fermented item you make at home, the control is in your hands.
Jan 29, 2020
How To Make Fermented Asparagus Pickles
When friends ask how to ferment deli-style pickles, I recommend that they start by practicing with asparagus spears. By practicing with asparagus you’ll learn all you need to know by the time cucumber season arrives. Thankfully this isn’t all about learning; asparagus makes for great pickles and is a welcome accompaniment to spring grilling. Preserving has taught me to look at ingredients differently than I used to; each part of a fruit or vegetable can be prepared in different ways.
Jan 29, 2020