Jill Silverman Hough

A food and wine writer, recipe developer, and culinary instructor, Jill has authored several cookbooks, including the 100 Perfect Pairings series. For more of her writing and recipes, visit www.jillhough.com.
A Love Letter to Lettuce
I always enjoy salad, but never quite as much as in the summertime, when its crisp, light, refreshing-ness perfectly fits the bill for almost every meal. Typically, I load our salads with whatever veggies are happening at the farmers market and, as the season progresses, our own garden. But sometimes, amidst awe for the tomato and cucumber and radish and carrot, it’s easy to overlook the star of the show. Lettuce. What would a salad be without it?
Jun 7, 2015
Five 1-Minute Projects That Will Change the Way You Taste Wine
Wine isn’t cheap. In fact, of all the beverages you could choose, it’s often the most expensive. So why not spend five minutes to learn a bit about that liquid in your glass? Here are five 1-minute projects that will teach you quite a lot about how wine tastes and responds to food. Do them one at a time, or all at once, with friends!
Apr 9, 2014