Jenny Huang

Jenny Huang is a freelance food stylist, photographer, and recipe developer. She loves all foods wrapped in parcels of dough, and anything spicy. You can find her work over at Food52, as well as her blog, Hello My Dumpling.
Recipe: Bacon and Kimchi Fried Rice Frittata
Both fried rice and frittatas are known as perfect dishes for cleaning out the refrigerator. Perhaps it’s because both cold rice and eggs act as a blank slate for whatever you wish to throw at them. In addition to being versatile, fried rice and frittatas are fairly simple to make — coming together quickly using whatever vegetables, meats, cheeses, or sauces you have on hand. This recipes combines the two dishes and adds in kimchi and bacon for maximum flavor with minimal effort.
Jan 29, 2020
Recipe: Cauliflower and Mushroom Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole
There are plenty of ways to make a tater tot casserole. Some are pure comfort food and combine the rich and savory elements that give most casseroles their hearty and homey reputation (canned condensed soup, I’m looking at you).
Jan 29, 2020
Recipe: Sichuan Crawfish Pie
More than 8,000 miles separate Sichuan, the province in Southwest China where I was born, and New Orleans, the city where I spent my formative years. And yet the food — and the cultures that shape these cuisines — have remarkable similarities and parallels. Growing up with Sichuan parents in New Orleans has given me a truly singular experience of the two. Food as an event and as a way to show your love for friends and family is intrinsically ingrained in both cultures.
May 1, 2019
5 Citrus Fruits to Try This Winter
In the winter months, citrus fruits lend much-needed brightness and a happy zing to our fruit bowls and to sweet and savory dishes. Of course, we’re all familiar with common varieties — like lemons, limes, and oranges — but there are many other types of citrus coming into more common use, with a wide range of flavors, from bitter to sour to sweet, depending on the part actually being used. Here are five varieties you should definitely try.
May 1, 2019
Bring New Flavors to Salad with These 5 Spring Greens
Welcome spring by punching up your salads with greens that are not only delicious, but also ridiculously good for you. There is no need to feel like you are laboriously rotating through three or four salad greens in the name of health. And while the always-popular spinach and arugula are certainly delicious, there are so many other wonderful options to choose from. These five greens are powerhouse vegetables so nutrient-dense that they give the mighty kale a real run for its money.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Raspberry Cookie Butter Baked Oatmeal
If you’re already an oatmeal-lover, then you’ll need little convincing that this baked oatmeal, reminiscent of a soufflé and verging on dessert, is a must-try recipe. And if you’re hesitant about oatmeal’s texture or feeling less than enthused about your regular ol’ heat-and-stir routine, then you’re in luck.
May 1, 2019
5 Ways Sichuan Food Brings the Heat
I do not remember a time when I did not love spicy food. I grew up eating Sichuan food and I can almost imagine my mom introducing me to solids with a healthy dose of chilies. The brazen heat that is so enticing and exotic to so many people is my comfort food. When I crave something familiar, it’s not mac-and-cheese that I reach for, but red oil wontons and mapo tofu. It’s these dishes that tempt my taste buds, tease my sense of smell, and evoke a powerful feeling of nostalgia.
Aug 12, 2016
Recipe: Baked Egg and Chorizo Enchiladas
Enchiladas make a wonderful and unique breakfast dish. A true crowd-pleaser, they can easily be scaled up or down, depending on the number of mouths you are feeding. Enchiladas are also super versatile; if you don’t have chorizo on hand, some leftover roast chicken works too. If you don’t eat meat, mushrooms or beans make for a satisfying filling. And while the dish itself is best eaten as soon as it is ready, the individual components can always be made ahead of time.
Apr 15, 2016
Recipe: Baked Croque-Monsieur Casserole
With Dijon mustard, thinly sliced ham, and creamy Gruyère, it seems the classic croque-monsieur was made for the casserole dish. If it’s a brunch stunner you’re after, or a dinner option with breakfast undertones, then this all-in-one baked take on the croque-monsieur should shoot to the top of your must-make list. This dish can be assembled the day of, but it’s actually best if everything up until the actual cooking is done the night before.
Apr 11, 2016