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Jelisa is a freelance writer who has covered food and travel, sports and pop culture for numerous publications. When she's not on deadline, she enjoys getting new passport stamps, collecting records and shouting at her beloved Liverpool Football Club.
We Tried 9 Jars of Alfredo Sauce — And the Winner Tastes Like What You’d Find in Italy
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Feb 6, 2024
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Feb 13, 2021
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Dec 22, 2020
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Dec 22, 2020
I Tried 9 Bottles of Hot Sauce and These Were Clearly The Best
Taste Test
One stood out as being THE MOST versatile.
Dec 17, 2020
Pediatrics Organization Advises Against Non-Dairy Milk for Young Children
If you’ve walked past the refrigerated section at the grocery store lately, you’ve noticed that milk doesn’t just mean milk anymore. In addition to that OG dairy product, the shelves are now crowded with countless varieties of plant-based and non-dairy milks, including soy, almond, coconut, rice, pea, and hemp versions (and probably a few we left out).
Sep 30, 2020
Parents Eat 156 Meals Standing Up Every Year, a Stat That’ll Surprise Zero Parents
On Sunday, I asked my sister where my bro-in-law was taking her for Mother’s Day lunch. “I’m not sure,” she said. “I just hope they have chairs.” Last week was her first back at work after having her second daughter and, since January, pretty much every meal she’s had — and ‘meal’ is a relative term here — has been eaten one-handed while she swayed side-to-side trying to calm a fussy infant.
Sep 30, 2020
I Tried 10 Jars of Marinara Sauce and Now This Is the Only One I’ll Buy
I even held a blind taste test and I STILL picked this jar.
Dec 23, 2019
I Tried 8 Bags of Frozen Turkey Meatballs and Now These Are the Only Ones I’ll Buy
Taste Test
If you're not ready to go cold turkey on turkey by the end of the week, these are the ones to go for.
Nov 25, 2019
I Tried a Dozen Different Jars of Dill Pickle Spears and Now These Are the Only Ones I’ll Buy
Taste Test
Some of the crunchiest pickles had bland flavors, and some of the more flavorful varieties were too mushy. But there was a clear winner.
Nov 19, 2019
We Tried 10 Different Pouches of Beef Jerky — and There Was One Clear Winner
Taste Test
We got them all at mainstream supermarkets.
Nov 10, 2019
This Is the Ultimate Sign-Up Sheet for Friendsgiving
It is possible to have too many sweet potato side dishes. This sign-up sheet will help organize this year's Friendsgiving.
Nov 4, 2019
These Two Soups Make My Busy Life So Much Easier — and They’re Ready in Less Than 5 Minutes
You find out who your true friends are when you’re getting ready to move. The real friends aren’t the ones who show up with a pickup truck and a half-dozen rolls of packing tape. No, the realest friends are the ones who ask you whether you’re sure you really want to move, and who remind you how awful the entire process is. Let me explain.
Oct 22, 2019
The Internet Can’t Decide Whether This Hard-Boiled Egg Instant Pot Hack Is Brilliant or Terrifying
This "egg loaf" can be quickly chopped to be used in egg salad or potato salad, or for icing and serving to your least-favorite coworker.
Sep 20, 2019
I Tried 11 Bags of Frozen Meatballs and Now These Are the Only Ones I’ll Buy
Taste Test
These meatballs are on a roll!
Sep 4, 2019
Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Supposedly Tastes Just Like Annie’s. We Compared the Two.
Do you have a preference?
Sep 3, 2019
We Tried Pumpkin Spice Spam — And It Wasn’t at All What We Expected
It hits Walmart on September 23, but we got an early sample (a spample?) to try.
Aug 26, 2019
I Tried Almost a Dozen Frozen Pepperoni Pizzas. Now This Is the Only One I’ll Buy.
Taste Test
"Everyone liked how the sweetness of the sauce paired with the savory pepperoni, and the spice blend was perfectly balanced."
Aug 5, 2019
This Grocery Store Has the Best Freezer Section — Hands-Down
According to a recent piece by NPR, even though frozen foods add up to $53 billion in sales every year, most grocery stores have noticed that customers are increasingly less enthusiastic about shopping in those aisles. One trade expert said that almost half (46 percent) of shoppers who spend $100 don’t even walk past those freezers anymore (and that sound that you hear is the muffled sobbing of the Gorton fisherman).
Jun 3, 2019
Shocker! Mary Berry Lied a Little Bit on Your Favorite TV Show.
If there’s ever a contemporary remake of A Few Good Men, it might be worth recasting Colonel Nathan Jessup. It’s not that Jack Nicholson won’t be up to reprise one of his most iconic roles, it’s just that there’s someone else who could say “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” — and it’s Mary Berry.
May 30, 2019
This Is the Worst Time of Day to Drink Coffee
If the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup, then you’re starting your day completely wrong. With apologies to the country’s best-selling ground coffee, some dietitians are now suggesting that none of us should be stumbling straight out of bed and directly to the coffee pot — regardless of what brand we’re brewing.
May 30, 2019
Reaction to New Calorie Labeling Requirements Has Been Mixed
I was in Copenhagen last week and, when I opened my menu at a highly recommended burger joint, I noticed that the calorie count was printed just after each item’s description. It didn’t matter if it was a main course, a side dish, or even one of the mayo-based dipping sauces for the fries — the calories were all right there in a matching typeface. For me, those numbers acted as more of a challenge (which, spoiler alert, I rose to meet) than a deterrent.
May 30, 2019
This List of Period-Related Food Myths Is Straight-Up Bananas
During the first days of your period, you might be a walking, snarling stereotype, curling into a ball on the sofa, crying during dog food commercials, and snapping at anyone who even considers moving your half-chewed tube of cookie dough. (No, I do not need a fork, but thank you for asking. Again.) But there’s a difference between stereotypes — even the ones that we fully embrace every 28-ish days — and misconceptions about what really happens when a woman has her period.
May 30, 2019
What Is a Buddha Bowl Anyway?
If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on Instagram, you’ve definitely scrolled past a Buddha Bowl (or 200). The brightly colored, artfully arranged bowls seem to be the go-to food source for every amateur yogi, the kind of people who alternate between taking pictures of their plates and pictures of their feet (because the rest of us wouldn’t be able to make it through the day without knowing #whereIstand).
May 30, 2019
Our Readers’ Responses to This FDA Ruling Will Make You LOL
Love is not an ingredient.
May 30, 2019
Your Coffee Needs This Yemeni Spice Blend
Spice up your morning with this Yemeni spice blend.
May 30, 2019
What Is Spirulina?
My favorite local bar recently added a Unicorn Frosé to its cocktail menu, possibly as some kind of trap to catch its regulars. Because I’m one of them, I asked one of the bartenders if it had spirulina in it. She had to ask two of the other bartenders, and the consensus was no, but they weren’t sure, because they didn’t know what spirulina was. They’re not alone.
May 30, 2019
What Are Fat Balls, Anyway?
OK, I’ll be honest: “Fat Balls” sounds like a supremely unflattering nickname for the least popular kid in an ’80s summer camp comedy. “Last one to the lake has to bunk with Fat Balls!” Despite the unappealing name, fat balls can be a solid addition to your diet. They can help fuel you during a mid-morning workout, late-afternoon conference call, or trans-Atlantic flight. Here’s what you need to know about fat balls.
May 30, 2019
Here’s What I Learned After Eating Nothing but Pizza for Seven Straight Days
I was a college sophomore when I met my hairdresser. He was an up-and-coming salon superstar, a hair-show headliner with a nationwide fan base. I was a 19-year-old whose unfortunate interpretation of ‘The Rachel’ made her look like your least stylish aunt. He changed that, and he’s the only reason why I no longer share a hairstyle with someone who could tell you where to buy a nice pair of slacks.
May 30, 2019
Sweden Wants You to Add Oat Milk to Your Morning Coffee
It’s no exaggeration to say that Swedes have a habit of changing the world for the better. Thanks to the innovators in that glorious Scandinavian country, we have three-point seatbelts, those IKEA bookshelves you’ve been putting together all weekend, and ABBA. And now another Swedish company is trying to help the environment, cut down on greenhouse gases, and give us something new to splash in our morning coffee.
May 30, 2019
Here’s What You Need to Know About CBD Oil
In the past year there’s been a growing buzz for CBD, short for “cannabidiol” which is a chemical compound found in marijuana. It comes in a variety of forms, including oil, creams, and capsules. While CBD won’t make you high, many people have found that it helps with moderate anxiety and chronic pain. It also, apparently, makes for a pretty good vinaigrette. The two most prevalent oils that come from cannabis plants are hemp oil and CBD oil.
May 30, 2019
Here’s How One Crossfit Coach Defines Healthy
It doesn’t matter how early you got up this morning, because Brandon Fulwider is already way ahead of you. The hard-working 36-year-old is a firefighter, logging exhausting 24-hour shifts at the station and then, either before or after his full-time job, he coaches classes at Top Tier Crossfit. He did slow down long enough to answer some questions for us about healthy eating, being accountable to his coworkers, and how to cope with sub-par pancake syrup. Absolutely.
May 30, 2019
3 Nutritionists on Why Keto Might Not Be Right for You
We’re past January now, which means that we’re over the hump of Diet and Resolution Season — that annual stretch when everyone starts to feel pressured into Doing Something about their diet, their activity levels, or both. If you’re just hopping onto that bandwagon and are considering trying the keto lifestyle, read this first. We talked to three nutritionists who have some reservations to consider.
May 30, 2019
5 People Share Why Keto Works for Them
When I started talking to people about their experiences with keto, I heard the same phrase repeated more than once: It’s not a diet, it’s a way of eating (or a way of life). Proponents of keto are believers, and their trust in the system seems to be what keeps them going, what drives them to stir butter into their coffee and to enthusiastically eat bacon by the pound.
May 30, 2019
Here’s How an Acclaimed Poet Defines Healthy
If Lamaya Williams’ business cards listed all of her accomplishments and abilities, they’d have to be the size of billboards. She is an acclaimed poet and author, a college lecturer, and a mother of three children, and she sits on the executive board of her local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. She also makes good soup.
May 30, 2019