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25 Best St. Patrick’s Day Foods for Celebrating Everything Irish
Corned beef and cabbage is the classic St. Patrick’s Day food that many of us make every year. Our Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage is the absolute best and easiest version because it’s hands-off and fuss-free. Plus if you have leftovers, you can make corned beef hash for breakfast the following day!
Our 31 Best Recipes to Cook This March
Which one will you make first?
1 day ago
Our Most Popular One-Pan Dinner Recipe of All Time
It never disappoints.
1 day ago
46 Easy Sides That Make Soup a Meal
Warm and comforting soup is my favorite thing to eat this time of year, but it’s not always enough to make a complete meal. Your side dish of choice is going to depend on the type of soup you’re making. If you have a relatively smooth soup, like creamy tomato soup, you might want garlic bread or a soft milk bread bun for dunking. If you have a creamy mushroom soup, then maybe you want a side of roasted potatoes. That’s where these 46 sides for soup come into play.
2 days ago
This Lemony Greek Chicken Soup Is So Good, I Make a Pot Every Week
Almost every culture has a homey version of chicken soup to comfort the sick or the soul weary, or to stave off the chill of cold weather, but the Greeks might just have one of the best: the egg and lemon soup known as avgolemono. Here’s how to make this classic comforting soup at home. First of all, it’s gorgeous. The broth is vibrant yellow from the eggs and heavily scented with lemon fragrance. The broth is rich, but not heavy.
Feb 26, 2024
62 Sides That Pair Perfectly with Meatloaf
Oh, man, homemade meatloaf is amazing. I love this savory, flavorful, home-warming dish so much (the crispy bits! The ketchup glaze!) that sides are often an afterthought. When I think about what to serve with meatloaf, I’ll typically head straight for a pair of standbys: mashed potatoes and a side of green veggies ( like broccoli or green beans). But those are far from the only — or the best — dishes to pair with this perennial protein.
Feb 25, 2024
You've Been Storing Cucumbers Wrong Your Entire Life
They stay crunchy-fresh for over two weeks.
Feb 24, 2024
12 Delicious Lobster Recipes That Will Make Anyone Fall in Love
No reservations required.
Feb 13, 2024
Yes, You Can Freeze Guacamole (But Never Do This)
Here's everything you need to know.
Feb 10, 2024
10 Best Slider Recipes to Make on Game Day
They’re the real MVP of your party.
Feb 10, 2024
30 Steak Dinner Recipes for Any Night of the Week
If you’re not already slotting steak into your meal plan once in a while, I’m here to encourage you to do just that, be it Valentine’s day, a date night at home, or a random weeknight. There’s no need to go out for steak when you can make a delicious steak dinner from the comfort of your own home. You can keep it light with a steak fajita salad, or switch things up and make a sirloin steak sandwich.
Feb 9, 2024
76 Romantic Dinner Recipes for Valentine's Day
During Valentine’s Day, there’s no better way to show appreciation for your loved one – whether that’s your spouse, significant other, best friend, or even (especially) yourself – than to spend quality time with them over a special at-home dinner. You don’t have to spend all day to cook a romantic dinner.
Feb 9, 2024
How to Make Dashi (Japanese Soup Stock)
Dashi is an incredibly simple broth, and it forms one of the culinary cornerstones of Japanese cooking. It’s made in about 10 minutes with just three ingredients: water, kombu (dried kelp), and bonito fish flakes. The resulting clear broth tastes like the essence of the sea. Dashi can be used to make a fantastic bowl of miso soup, to poach fish or vegetables, or to add savory umami flavor to any number of Japanese recipes. Here’s how to make dashi broth at home.
Feb 8, 2024
We’ve Got the Secret to the Crispiest Baked Chicken Wings
I’ve never really met a chicken wing that I didn’t like. No matter the type, though, crispy skin is a must. Getting the skin nicely browned and blistered isn’t difficult at all. It just requires a little time and a staple pantry item: baking powder. Baking powder is the secret ingredient that makes the best crispy chicken wings for your next game day party or weeknight dinner. We bake them in the oven here, but you can also cook the chicken wings in your air fryer.
Feb 8, 2024
3 Rules for Making the Absolute Best Avocado Toast
Take yours to the next level by doing these three things.
Feb 5, 2024
29 Easy Recipes You Should Definitely Make This Month
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Feb 1, 2024
Our Most Popular Recipe from January — Everyone Made It!
You only need four ingredients!
Jan 31, 2024
The 10 Most Popular New Recipes This January
Comforting soups like lemon orzo chicken soup and creamy corn soup, plus one-skillet dinners were among the favorites.
Jan 27, 2024
10 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Pork Tenderloin
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Jan 18, 2024
31 Copycat Recipes to Make at Home
When the craving strikes, we got you.
Jan 5, 2024
31 Easy Recipes You Should Make This Month
Which one will you make first?
Jan 2, 2024
Our Most Popular Recipes of 2023
We're in our Dump Cake era.
Dec 19, 2023