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This Is My Favorite Thing to Buy at Costco — And It’s *Not* in the Grocery Section
Your leftovers will never be the same.
Oct 5, 2021
How To Make DIY Jewelry Cleaner with Ingredients from Your Pantry
How To
You'll just need some baking soda, salt, and aluminum foil.
Sep 25, 2021
The $33 Drip Coffee Maker I’ve Been Using (and Loving!) Multiple Times a Day for 5 Years
If you're looking for a bare-bones drip coffee maker you'll love, this is it.
Sep 11, 2021
The 10 Best Frozen Dinner Shortcuts to Buy at Costco Right Now
These finds will help you pull together a somewhat virtuous and very delicious dinner. ASAP.
Aug 20, 2021
10 New, Good-for-You Snacks You Should be Buying from Costco Right Now
Thin Mint Almonds made by the Girl Scouts! Avocado ice cream! Ranch-flavored cheese crips! And more!
Aug 3, 2021
The $3 Ingredient That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Homemade Ice Cream
Hint: You'll INSTANTLY love this idea.
Jul 24, 2021
7 Frozen Groceries from Costco I’m Buying on Repeat Right Now (They’re All Just $10 or Less)
Number 2 makes for a nice treat on a hot summer day!
Jun 28, 2021
You Should Always Buy These 12 Fruits and Veggies Frozen — Even in the Summer
According to a nutritionist!
Jun 16, 2021
10 Frozen Groceries You Should Have in Your Freezer Right Now
These are the the frozen groceries that are helping me eat well while also keeping my budget in check.
Jun 3, 2021
10 New Frozen Groceries That’ll Have You Eating More Veggies
Gone are the days when waterlogged broccoli was the only side dish we had to choose from.
May 23, 2021
3 Pantry Staples This Costco-Obsessed Nutritionist Swears by for More Flavor
Fun fact: They're all part of the Kirkland Signature line.
May 12, 2021
The 10 Costco Finds I'm Buying on Repeat Right Now
They're all $10 or less and good-for-me options!
May 11, 2021
Why You Should Keep a Cutting Board in the Fridge
Organizing Tips from The Kitchn
It actually helps with TWO things!
Apr 20, 2021
This Is My Favorite Brand of Rice to Buy
"This brand speaks my rice love language."
Apr 18, 2021
The Costco Cleaning Product You Shouldn’t Overlook
Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
Of course it's Kirkland Signature!
Apr 16, 2021
The One Thing You Should Do Before Shopping at Costco
Never make a pointless trip to Costco ever again.
Mar 1, 2021
The 5 Biggest Lessons I Learned During My First Year as a Costco Member
Whether you've been a member for years or are still considering joining, you can probably learn a thing or two from this story.
Feb 10, 2021
The Best Pre-Packaged, Single-Serve Snacks, According to a Nutritionist
They're all great snacking options while you WFH.
Nov 1, 2020
The Top 5 Things to Buy at Lidl
You'll probably be surprised by #1.
Sep 5, 2020
5 Mistakes You Make When Shopping at Costco, According to a Nutritionist
According to a nutritionist, that is.
Jun 13, 2020
The Miracle Gadget That Finally Got Me Growing My Own Food (Lettuce!) in the Kitchen
I'm also gonna start growing my own herbs now!
Jun 8, 2020
10 Healthy Ingredients This Nutritionist Keeps Stocked in Her Pantry
#9 is such a smart snack.
May 21, 2020
5 Healthy Costco Items That Actually Save This Nutritionist Money
Here's how this nutritionist saves money on her favorite healthy buys.
May 17, 2020
The Best New Groceries to Buy for Your Instant Pot
Looking to expand your Instant Pot repertoire? These groceries can help!
Mar 9, 2020
I’m Single and Have a Costco Membership — Here’s Why It’s Worth It
"I'm single, I have a Costco Membership , and it's absolutely worth it — for my budget, for my health, and for my shopping habits."
Mar 5, 2020
The Best Costco Groceries for Your Instant Pot, According to a Nutritionist
This list is full of little presents for your Instant Pot. Which then become presents for your mouth.
Mar 3, 2020
The 12 Best New Foods to Buy at Walmart, According to a Nutritionist
Sweet potato toasts! Pesto veggie spirals! Smoothies to go!
Feb 18, 2020
The Best New Groceries at Costco, According to a Nutritionist
There's a keto snack mix that everyone's gonna want to try!
Jan 28, 2020
The Best New Frozen Foods at Costco, According to a Nutritionist
At least one of these is exclusive to Costco.
Jan 19, 2020
10 Low-Sugar Groceries That’ll Still Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
We're pretty sweet on these finds.
Jan 18, 2020
11 of the Smartest Aldi Buys for When You’re Trying to Eat Better
Aldi has plenty of groceries that are inexpensive AND good for you.
Jan 13, 2020
The Best New Groceries to Buy This Year If You’re Trying to Eat Better 
According to a nutritionist!
Jan 6, 2020
The Top 10 Whole30-Compliant Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon
"The success of your Whole30 likely isn’t riding on whether or not you have a mini-meal a few afternoons." Translation: Have the snack!
Jan 1, 2020
The Top 10 Keto Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon
Think beyond the meat sticks and hard-boiled eggs!
Dec 30, 2019
10 Costco Finds That’ll Help You Finally Start Meal Prepping
The warehouse store has everything you need to prep, cook, and store your food for the week.
Nov 19, 2019
The Under-$20 Costco Find You Need to Buy Before the Holidays Get Here
You'll need it for cooking AND gifting.
Oct 22, 2019
6 (Healthy!) Slow Cooker Staples You Should Pick up at Aldi
Why not pick them up on the cheap?
Oct 18, 2019
The Best Low-Carb Groceries for Faster Meal Prep
You can take some shortcuts and still stick to a low-carb diet.
Oct 8, 2019
The Healthiest Pre-Made Dishes to Get at Costco, According to a Nutritionist
Spoiler alert: There's no rotisserie chicken on this list.
Sep 9, 2019
The Healthiest Costco Snacks for Eating On the Go
Stash these in your purse, car, or desk drawer!
Sep 4, 2019
The 3 Cookbooks That Taught Me to Love My Instant Pot
These are especially great if you're a vegetarian or vegan. But still good for meat-eaters!
Aug 29, 2019
The 3 Groceries That Make Me a Regular Aldi Shopper
Of course the chocolate made the list. Can you guess what else?
Aug 17, 2019
10 Trendy, Healthy New Grocery Finds We Just Spotted at Costco
Cauliflower bites! Turmeric cereal! Dried mushrooms!
Aug 15, 2019
5 Nutritionist-Approved, High-Protein Snacks You Can Find at Aldi
Each of these finds contains between 5 and 10 grams of protein per serving.
Aug 13, 2019
The Best Nutritionist-Approved, High-Protein Snacks You Can Find at Any Grocery Store
Stock up before you get hangry!
Aug 9, 2019
5 Grocery Rules that Saved Me $200
I saved over $200 last month following these rules.
Aug 7, 2019
The Under-the-Radar, Cult-Favorite Nonstick Pan You’ve Gotta Try
This stuff gets the thumbs up from one of our healthiest writers!
Aug 2, 2019
9 Nutritionist-Approved, High-Protein Snacks You Can Find at Costco
These are sure better than chocolate-covered peanuts.
Aug 1, 2019