Heather Lawless

Heather is a Toronto-based writer who works in social policy by day and develops recipes on The Lawless Vegan by night. Heather can often be found eating something delicious or hanging with her main squeeze and their two kids.
Recipe: Canadian-Syrian Thanksgiving Stuffing
The addition of bharat makes this a deliciously smoky-yet-sweet stuffing any turkey would love to be next to.
Jan 29, 2020
A Syrian Refugee Family’s First Thanksgiving
Writer Heather Lawless shares the story and the recipes, written together, from the first Thanksgiving of a recently relocated Syrian family.
May 24, 2019
Recipe: Syrian Stuffed Pumpkins
This is one of the two stuffings I created with the mother of the Syrian refugee family we hosted for Canadian Thanksgiving. We found that bringing the foods of two traditions together is more than the delicious dish it creates. It’s a symbol of an intention for harmony and our willingness to find the parts and pieces in our own stories that make room for the parts and pieces in another.
Nov 9, 2016