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Weekend Snack: Braised Romaine Lettuce Crostinis
My first introduction to cooked lettuce was at a Vietnamese restaurant a few years back. It was floating in my pho – buttery, snappy and delicious and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was. Must be some kind of exotic eastern leafy vegetable, I thought? I had never even considered cooking lettuce before that moment, but it’s actually not that uncommon at all. The Chinese get down with cooked lettuce a lot (usually blanched or stir-fried).
Jun 4, 2019
Weekend Snack: Sev Puri (Chaat), an Indian Street Snack
Chaat always brings back memories of carefree weekends spent at my parents’ beach house in India. I’d walk over to the beach in the afternoon when the tide is low enough to pick sea shells. I’d return home with my pail full and stomach empty. A gorgeous bowl of chaat would be waiting for me – crunchy, sweet, tangy, spicy, filling all at the same time. I’d sit on the verandah eating chaat, listening to the waves crashing near by and watching the kites sail over me.
Jun 4, 2019
Post-Holiday Restorative Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup
It all started at the mall. I was doing some holiday shopping last month and went into Nordstrom. There was a girl near the door handing out samples of the roasted garlic and potato soup that they were featuring that day in the café. I wouldn’t normally accept a sample, but the smell was too wonderful to resist.I happily slurped down my sample and headed straight for the café where I bought myself a big bowl-full. It was amazing!
Jun 4, 2019
The Best Waffle You’ll Ever Eat: Gaufres de Liege Guest Post from Chichi of My Chalkboard Fridge
Can you love a waffle so much that it becomes essentially impossible to do justice to its magnificence? The first time I tried Gaufres de Liege I was in Amsterdam, where the waffles must have migrated and settled. The vendor was located on the museumplein near the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Van Gogh museum. Served with a modest dusting of powdered sugar, the waffles were golden and crispy on the surface, with a chewy yet tender crumb within.
Jun 4, 2019
Recipe: Tofu and Strawberry Tart Guest Post from Gasparzinha of No Soup For You
Using tofu in a dessert may seem a little awkward; at least, that’s what I thought about the idea. But there’s nothing but to give it a try! The verdict: fantastic! Nobody can guess there’s tofu in it. Delicious and light, perfect to eat without guilt.You can add agar-agar or any equivalent and just put the tart in the refrigerator. I’ve made a first one like that. But this cheesecake type pie without cheese goes into the oven, which gives a different consistency.
Jun 4, 2019
Strut That Sustainable Sockeye (With Recipe) Guest Post from Clare Leschin-Hoar
Sometimes doing the right thing is just a matter of being aware of what’s going on around you — especially when it comes to the fish we like to eat. We gave up eating farmed-raised salmon years ago when we learned about issues like escapement, pollution and sea lice infestation. Now, we think of salmon as a special-occasion meal instead.
Jun 4, 2019
Banana White Chocolate Toffee Cookies Guest Post from Amy of Playing House
As a newbie in the kitchen, I have a hard time whipping up anything from scratch. If I can start with an established recipe, though, it’s easy and fun to improvise something new and tasty! I’m a devout user of Food Blog Search, Twitter, and other online foodie-friendly resources. They’re a great starting point: a giant interactive test kitchen, cookbook, and safety net all right inside my laptop.
Jun 4, 2019
Cannoli Sandwich Cookies Guest Post from Katie of goodLife {eats}
Sometimes I have crazy ideas. Crazy food ideas. Taking one thing and turning it into another. That is what happened yesterday. It was all I could think about until I was able to hit the grocery store this morning for some of the necessary ingredients. Necessary ingredients because I had to make these cookies. It wasn’t even an option anymore.You know what my crazy idea was? I was going to turn a classic Italian Cannoli into a cookie. Why? Because I thought it would be good.
Jun 4, 2019
Quebecois Feves au Lard, or Maple Baked Beans Guest Post from Diana of The Economical Epicurean
It’s no surprise that baked beans are a new favorite subject among food bloggers: they are incredibly cheap, laughably low-maintenance, and perfect for a summer barbecue or camping trip. I always marvel at how quickly they disappear from my table: true, they are delicious, but few would agree that they have much aesthetic appeal (the above photo is extremely flattering). In short, baked beans are easy proof that beauty is only skin-deep.
Jun 4, 2019
Too Much Cake: Nigella Lawson’s Nutella Cake With Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache Guest Post from Elissa of The Painted Peach
These days it seems I look for every and any excuse to make cake. I have been on a bit of a baking rampage, and my tiny studio kitchen is nearly groaning under the weight of so many cakes. It’s gotten quite ridiculous. Not that I personally have a problem with cake for breakfast every day, my waistline, however, does indeed have a problem with that.
Jun 4, 2019
Recipe: Caesar-Roasted Asparagus Guest Post from Maggie of Pithy and Cleaver
In the June 2009 issue of Food & Wine, Nate Appleman (of A16 and SPQR restaurants in San Francisco) recommends using mayonnaise-based marinades for grilling. Just a few pages later, Melissa Rubel gives a recipe for a mayonnaise-based Caesar style salad dressing. Why not combine the two, and make some Caesar-dressed veggies?
Jun 4, 2019
Recipe: A Whole Lotta Chocolate Cookies Guest Post from Tasha of That’s So Yummy
Ever just want a delicious cookie recipe filled with a whole lotta chocolate?Then this your lucky day because I have one here for you that is not only a chocolate cookie itself but it is stuffed with chunks and chunks of delicious white chocolate.What a combination… So yummy! So for all you white chocolate lovers out there… what could be better than that…. Nothing!
Jun 4, 2019
(Late) Springtime Soupe au Pistou Guest Post from Sarah of Portland Kitchen
Soupe au pistou, the classic Provençal summer soup made with the freshest summer vegetables, shell beans, and pasta and finished with a dollop of basil pistou, will always carry a special place in my heart—it was the first dinner I ever ate with my French host family, on the balcony, the warm southern French sun on my back. It had never in my life occurred to me to eat soup in August, but I loved it.
Jun 4, 2019
Frozen Summer Treat Recipe: Pineapple Sorbet Guest Post from Peachy of The Peach Kitchen
I love pineapples and they are everywhere during Summer. What better way to enjoy them than having them cold and refreshing? This sorbet is both satisfying to your sweet tooth and healthy because it uses fresh ingredients.And it’s very easy to do too!Pineapple SorbetIngredients: 1 pineapple1/4 cup sugar1/4 cup lemon juice Directions: You can scoop out the pineapple meat from the pineapple so you can use it later as a container or you can just peel,core and dice the pineapple.
Jun 4, 2019
Carrot Cakey Cookies Guest Post from Sara Morris of Sprouted Kitchen
This is a recipe for ye of a well-stocked pantry. However, if you go buy all of these things, I promise you will use them up on this specific recipe. I think carrot cake is the favorite dessert option. There are comfort flavors (vanilla, cinnamon), textures (pecans, carrots) and frosting that kicks buttercream booty. These nubs of goodness are healthy enough to eat for breakfast! I wish I could say these lasted longer than the afternoon that we made them.
Jun 4, 2019
Escape to Italy with a Recipe: Straccetti con Rucola e Funghi
During this month of Escapes we asked some of our food blogger friends to share their food experiences and home cooking inspiration from travel and faraway places. Here’s a Roman trattoria-style recipe from the delightful Maggie of Pithy & Cleaver.When a friend of mine moved to Rome, I was consumed with pasta envy: every day, he could get amazing Spaghetti Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Bucatini all’ Amatriciana…what a life!
May 24, 2019
Celebration Recipe: Whole Baked Salmon
We asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share a holiday treat with us over our holiday break. Here’s a special treat for our readers from New Zealand and Australia from Jules Clancy of stonesoup. She writes about how it feels to always have Christmas in the summer! She also shares a lovely recipe for baked salmon — a festive yet summer-friendly dish for those of you celebrating the holidays in warmer climes. Growing up in Australia, Christmas was always a slightly odd holiday.
May 24, 2019
Christmas Croquembouche
Croquembouche, a spun sugar tower of cream puffs, is French for “crunch in the mouth.” Of course it’s French – who else would concoct such a perilous pile of pastries?Traditionally served at weddings and holidays, it’s made of cream-filled pâte à choux pastry and anchored with caramel. And, along with most things having to do with weddings or French pastry, I have always considered cream puffs firmly outside my area of expertise.
May 7, 2019
White Kitchens: The Absence of Color Guest Post from Susan Serra of The Kitchen Designer
For me, there can be a never-ending discussion on the virtues and properties of the white kitchen. We call a white kitchen classic. White IS a classic in kitchen design, for decades, and at this moment, a white kitchen is only getting more popular with homeowners. What’s not to like — white is crisp, clean, classic, light reflective, and it seems to lift up the spirits, doesn’t it?
May 2, 2019
How To Make Gingerbread Christmas Tree Ornaments
This Christmas will be my first with homemade Christmas ornaments. Growing up, I always had the most perfect Christmas trees complete with dozens of ornaments my mother had collected from various trips around the world: they were always perfectly color-coordinated and so beautifully lit that it would break your heart to see the Christmas season go.
May 2, 2019
How To Make Your Own Canning Equipment Home Hacks Guest Post from Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars
For many, the most intimidating part of canning is all the specialty equipment necessary. Happily, I’ve found that when you’re first getting started, you can cobble together everything you need to safely process a batch of jam or pickles from what you already have in your kitchen! Everything you’ll need to get started, including a big stock pot, aluminum foil (or a round rack if you have it), a hot/cold plastic cup, exact-o knife, tongs and rubber bands.
May 2, 2019
Small Bite Dessert Inspiration: Layered Mini Indulgences
When we asked what you would like to talk about during Dessert Week quite a few of you said that you would like ideas for “little bites” or small sweet things to close out the meal. We are on board with this — we love finishing the meal with a taste of something sweet but without the work (or calories) of a fullblown dessert.
May 2, 2019
Chilled Gazpacho Andaluz in the Style of Pedro Almodóvar
This is July, our Escapes Month, and so we asked a few blogger friends to share recipes and inspiration from faraway places and international cuisines. To kick it off, here’s Monika from Crumpets and Cakes, with a gazpacho inspired by Pedro Almodóvar!
May 2, 2019
Halloween Cocktail: Vampire Blood Martini
Last week we gave you a cocktail recipe for The Jack-O-Lantern from Jason Dobrowner of Thirsty Scientist, a Los Angeles-based bar/mixology service. Here’s one more spooky cocktail from Jason — a grownup drink for a grownup Halloween.Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s the official start to holiday season and fall harvest brings a plethora of delicious ingredients to create some beautiful seasonal cocktails.
May 2, 2019
Cookie Recipe: Tangerine and Ginger Cookies
I was recently in Lisbon, Portugal (a wonderful city!) and I had the opportunity to meet Susana Gomes, a blogger friend. Susana is a simply delightful person, and a great cook, too. Here is one of her own favorite cookie recipes, fresh and spicy, and perfect for Christmas time. – Faith I like the fragrant smell of this fruit. I like the size, and I like the juice and flavor. I like to be reminded to admire the tangerine, which turns the orchard into a splendid garden.
May 2, 2019
Christmas Recipe: Marge’s Yule Cake
We asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share a holiday treat with us over our holiday break. I’ve been a big fan of librarian Lisa Campbell’s food writing ever since her first blog, Pittsburgh Needs Eated. Now she lives in Alabama and blogs at Baking With Lisa, which carries on her dry wit and dramatic photos. Stop by Lisa’s blog, and enjoy this post from her — a recipe near and dear to my own heart: fruit cake. Most of my friends hate fruit cakes.
May 2, 2019
Sodium-Free S.O.S. 3 Snappy Salt-Free Appetizers
I am delighted to welcome Jessica Goldman of Sodium Girl to The Kitchn today. Jess has an unusual mission for a young writer: Make eating sodium-free food sexy, fun, and delicious. Jess has a type of lupus that requires her to eat a very low-sodium diet, but she has turned this challenge into a quest for flavor without salt — and she has done it so well that it earned her a book deal. Look for her book on fresh, flavorful sodium-free eating next fall.
May 2, 2019
Easy, Delicious Hazelnut Rosemary Jam Cookies
Every holiday season we ask a few friends to join us here at The Kitchn for a series of guest posts. The topics range from favorite holiday recipes to family memories and traditions. Today’s guest: Terry Boyd. Terry is a longtime reader and community member of The Kitchn, and he writes his own blog, Blue Kitchen. I always learn something when I visit there! Fresh rosemary adds a subtle, mysterious something extra to Hazelnut Rosemary Jam Cookies.
May 2, 2019
5 Holiday Cocktails That Use Booze You Already Have
I love discovering new cocktail recipes and original ways to experience different, unique flavors with classic spirits. But, these days, discovering “new cocktails” on the internet usually means “new fandangled drinks that use a bunch of specialty liqueurs and spirits you don’t have and aren’t gonna buy a whole bottle of to try a new drink.
May 2, 2019
Plastic-Free Containers: Steel vs. Glass
Fortunately, switching to plastic-free food containers has gained a lot of steam. With steel and glass as the main alternatives, how do you choose? Both containers have their advantages, like being BPA free and long-lasting. To make choosing easier, here is a list of pros and cons for each.Both glass and steel food containers avoid a host of toxins, like BPA and phthalates, that can leech into food from conventional plastic containers.
May 2, 2019
10 Healthy Ways to Dress a Naked Salad Without Salt (or Gluten!)
Jessica Goldman Foung of Sodium Girl has an unusual dilemma, for a young and otherwise healthy woman: She can eat almost no sodium. She is on a mission to make low-sodium eating delicious — and today she offers her best tips on dressing a salad without salt, gluten, or other allergens.Let me ask you this question: What are three things you’re carrying in your bag this instant? Now let me make this guess: You didn’t answer salad dressing. Right?
May 2, 2019
Kitchen Before & After: A Small Outdated Kitchen Gets a Fantastic Green Makeover
Stephanie and Jon had wanted to redo the kitchen in their 680-square-foot Madison home for 18 years. They knew the space was sad; as it was, there was little storage and workspace, cabinet doors didn’t close, and the room lacked any and all personality. Then they saw that, thanks to a grant, a local green-building consulting firm was offering design plans at a discount. The result: a kitchen with improved functionality and a look as fresh as a blue sky on a sunny day.
May 2, 2019
A Jam Cocktail Recipe: Lemon Verbena & Raspberry Jamtini
Jam’s ability to glam up a piece of toast is, of course, a foregone conclusion. But have you ever thought about adding a dollop of this sweet, sticky fruit spread to your cocktail? You should! Shaken with ice and a shot of vodka, jam creates a cocktail of surpassing summery goodness. Whether you’ve been hard at work canning your garden’s bounty or hard at work enjoying the sun, a jamtini is just the thing to toast the end to a perfect summer day.
May 2, 2019
A Simple Secret to Staying Organized Through the Holidays
The kitchen junk drawer gets a bad rap. But that’s because we’re calling it by the wrong name — and filling it with the wrong kind of stuff! What you’ll want to transform it into this time of year: The Holiday Command Center. “I love a command center for all sorts of things, but for the holidays this is a must,” says Liz Jenkins, a certified professional organizer and the owner of A Fresh Space.
Nov 30, 2018
12 Hostess Gifts for Your Favorite Foodies — All $30 or Less
It’s that time of year again: Cocktail gatherings, dinner parties, and other festive shindigs are slowly filling up most of your weekends. And while all that socializing is (generally) fun, being a good guest takes a bit of forethought, as anyone who’s ever made a panicked pit stop at a wine store while en route to a discerning pal’s party knows. There’s of course nothing wrong with a bottle of vino, but during the holidays it can get a little repetitive — fast.
Nov 21, 2018
Make Weekend Mornings Delicious with Orange-Ginger Pancakes
If you’re like me, you have dreams of delicious holiday breakfasts, leisurely eaten while wearing cozy sheep’s wool slippers and gazing out the window at the snow gently falling outside. I want that, but I also want easy — and I need gluten-free. I celebrate the holidays with my family, and some folks in our gang cannot have gluten.
Nov 5, 2018
Sarah’s Classy Grand Rapids Kitchen
When Josh and Sarah moved into their lovely home in the Cherry Hill Historic District of Grand Rapids, they customized every nook and cranny to their impeccable style. Together Josh, a graphic designer, and Sarah run the lifestyle blog When Regarding Ruffles, so it’s no surprise their house reflects all of their creativity — especially the kitchen!
Mar 19, 2013
Pork Dumpling Soup for Lunar New Year
Chinese or Lunar New Year falls on this coming Monday, January 23rd. In honor of this very important holiday, Bee of the beautiful and delicious website Rasa Malaysia brings us a traditional recipe for hot and soothing soup. Welcome, Bee! A traditional Chinese New Year meal is incomplete without dumplings and a dish of nourishing and soothing Chinese soup, hence I’ve combined the best of both worlds into this pork dumpling soup.
Jan 20, 2012
Rosh Hashanah Recipe: Sweet & Savory Challah Poppers
Have you noticed that challahs reinvent themselves each year for the Jewish New Year? All year long, we shape our challahs into beautiful braids. On Rosh Hashanah, our challahs are round to symbolize the cycle of the year. Just like our challahs, the new year is a time when we too can consider how to transform ourselves in a positive way during the coming year.
Sep 20, 2011
New Year’s Recipe: Roasted Beet Salad with Whipped Goat Cheese
We asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share a holiday treat with us during our holiday break. Kasey (also of eating/sf) writes a fabulous blog that mashes up food and music. Here’s a slice of Turntable Kitchen, a story of New Year’s in a Russian family, with a beet recipe to match. My family, being Russian, celebrates New Year’s a bit differently than most Americans. Growing up, we wouldn’t get a Christmas tree, but rather, a New Year’s tree.
Dec 29, 2010
Holiday Recipe: Frozen Peppermint Cake
We asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share a holiday treat with us over our holiday break. Allen writes Eating Out Loud — a bright and scrumptious food blog full of good things to eat. He doesn’t disappoint here — how about some frozen peppermint cake?Every year as we inch closer to Christmas my mind races with all of my favorite holiday desserts. My mother would make everything from peanut brittle to cakes and pies.
Dec 22, 2010
Recipe for Mexican Independence Day: Chiles en Nogada
Where did this elaborate dish originate, even if we can’t pin down an exact original recipe? Historians believe that this artisanal dish was created 200 years ago by nuns in Puebla, Mexico, as a patriotic dish for Viceroy Agustin de Iturbide.Since then, the dish has continued to be a classic.
Sep 16, 2010
Uruguay’s Amazing National Dish: The Chivito Sandwich
What does it say about the national palate of Uruguay that their national dish is a sandwich of such unparalleled deliciousness — a sandwich of sheer amazing brilliance?Let’s list the basic parts of a chivito:• Steak• Mozzarella• Mayonnaise• Bacon• Olives• A fried egg (just to, you know, top it off…) It’s like a whole pantry of our very favorite things to eat!
Sep 16, 2010
Authentic Mexican Recipe: Enchiladas Verdes
Experience authentic Mexican flavor with this award-winning recipe. A family favorite created by my mother, Enchiladas Verdes explodes in your mouth with just the right amount of spice and tang.This is my favorite Mexican dish and it’s sure to become yours too. Most green enchilada recipes are tomatillo based and include canned green chili, cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup. You won’t find any of these in this recipe. It’s the real deal.
Sep 13, 2010
Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space
(Image credit: The Kitchn) We know a couple of people that feel shy about opening up their intimate studios to a party or even more than a handful of people, but having a small space doesn’t mean that you have to abstain from entertaining, you just have to be smarter (and more organized) about it.
Apr 30, 2010
Have You Ever Used a Glass Bundt Cake Pan?
Have you ever used a glass bundt pan? We’ve been eyeing this one at Amazon, curious about whether it would make bundt cake baking easier, or devilishly difficult.It would be interesting to be able to watch a cake as it browns in the oven, and know just when it’s done on the bottom… err, top. But we also wonder if this kind of bakeware would make it very difficult to get the cake out intact.Have you ever used a glass bundt cake pan?
Apr 29, 2010
Orange-Scented Olive Oil Cake from Saveur
World, meet my new favorite cake. It’s damp and soaked with musky orange syrup, with a tender, springy crumb and a whiff of olive oil. It has shot to the top of my baking go-to list, too, with its easy yet very unusual preparation.This recipe comes from Saveur‘s current issue, #129. It is an adapted recipe from The Perfect Finish by Bill Yosses and Melissa Clark.
Apr 29, 2010
New Years Day Recipe: Lucky Black-Eyed Peas
Well folks, it’s over. The hustle is no longer hustling and the stockings are waiting to be packed up for the next go ’round. An ungodly amount of See’s Candy has been consumed, and we’re slowly making our way through leftovers and the last dregs of eggnog. Now if you’re anything like me (read: efficient first child), you’ve broken down boxes, recycled wrapping paper, and put your new gifts away.
Dec 31, 2009