Erin Gleeson

Erin Gleeson is the New York Times-bestselling cookbook author and artist behind the lifestyle brand The Forest Feast. After working in New York as a food photographer, she left the city for a cabin in the woods which took her work in a whole new direction. Inspired by local California produce, she has now created 5 vegetarian cookbooks and a line of products that showcase her unique blend of photography overlaid with watercolor illustrations and hand lettering. Erin’s goal is to inspire people to be creative at home, to cook more with vegetables, and to share meals together. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California with her husband Jon and their 3 kids.
Blender Muffins
Our new favorite use for overripe bananas.
Mar 23, 2022
Recipe: Creamy Green Garlic & Avocado Pesto Over Gnocchi
Hello! Erin from The Forest Feast here, bringing you the second recipe in my series of Farmers Market Feasts for the month of May. There is a fantastic little seasonal farmers market that recently began down the road from me in the mountains. I try to go every week, and I’ve been getting to know the farmers, which is fun! This week I picked up some green garlic and fresh basil to make a creamy avocado pesto. The basil they had at the market was called “sacred basil.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Roasted Beet and Turnip Galette
Over here at The Forest Feast, I have loved sharing spring recipe ideas with you this month! In my final post for this Farmer’s Market Feasts series, I leave you with a simple galette. I love these free form tarts because you can layer almost anything over the pastry and it’s delicious. Plus, since it takes only 15 minutes to bake and can be served room temperature, it’s great for entertaining. This week at the market I found the most gorgeous scarlet turnips.
May 27, 2013
Recipe: Tortilla Espanola with Rainbow Chard
This week at The Forest Feast, I needed to use up some chard from the nearby farmers market, so I cooked up a big skillet tortilla Espanola. This dish is usually made with just potatoes and onions, but I like to add some greens — it becomes almost like a crustless quiche. The addition of the colorful chard lightens the dish a bit, but is still quite filling. I like that this meal is made in a single pan and works well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
May 21, 2013
Spring Recipe: Carrot Ribbon Fettuccine
I love May when all the seasonal farmers markets start to open. For the next 4 weeks, I’ll be visiting the markets weekly near where I live in Northern California and buy ingredients to make a simple, vegetarian dish to share with you. This week there were gorgeous rainbow carrots at the market, along with lemons from a neighboring table. A fresh veggie fettuccine was definitely on the menu.
May 7, 2013