E.J. Penta

These Meal Kits Are the Easiest Way to Overcome “New Ingredient Commitment Phobia”
No matter how much you love to cook, dinnertime fatigue is a real threat. The nightly process can take on Groundhog’s Day-esque implications as you rotate through the same cast of go-to dishes and familiar ingredients, wondering how to snap yourself out of your standby state. One amazingly easy way to diversify your repertoire without spending a fortune is with Blue Apron meal kits.
Mar 15, 2022
10 Blue Apron Dinners I Love Most When I Only Have 30ish Minutes
Like meditating or filing early tax returns, eating more nutritious dinners sounds great in theory, but isn’t always easy to put into practice. Ingredients and inspiration run low, and you find yourself closing and reopening the fridge, wishing something fresh and tasty would appear.Enter Blue Apron. Every meal kit delivers all your ingredients picked out and pre-portioned so you just do the fun part — the cooking.
Feb 25, 2022
This Nutty, Creamy, High-Protein Snack Fueled the Vikings — and It’s Perfect for Me
Standing in my sweatpants in the kitchen, watching the snow flurries through the window, I figured I’d have a snack before heading out to shovel. I needed something that was quick and easy to eat (read: no cooking required), but also gave me some actual energy to handle the snow.After surveying the fridge, I settled on something that I’d learned had a history of fortifying people to power through much more than a little shoveling.
Feb 16, 2022