Deanna Fox

Deanna Fox is a journalist focused on the culture, history, business, and justice of food and agriculture. She is based in Upstate NY and her favorite things to eat and make are cookies, pudding, and roast chicken.
I Tried Making Frankenstein’s Guacamole, and It’s Super Spooky
The only green thing that Boris Karloff is known for is the green tufts of fur on The Grinch, or the ghoulish putre that was Frankenstein’s skin. But guacamole? That certainly doesn’t come to mind. But the king of horror loved Mexican food. (Karloff frequently worked with Mexican directors.) In an undated newspaper article, the writer extolls the professional brute as a kind, civilized man with a desire for fine food, with guacamole top among his favorites.
May 24, 2019
I’m Afraid to Cook Fish. Here’s What I’m Doing About It.
I have a go-to recipe I affectionately call “third date scallops.” It’s a spin on my friend Neil’s well-heralded recipe for “third date shrimp.” The premise behind the recipe is this: Once you get to the third date with a new potential mate, one of you might offer to cook dinner. You don’t want a meal that’s too heavy or too involved, but you still need to impress. Seafood is good for this.
Mar 2, 2018
You’ll Have to Pry Pillsbury Crescent Rolls from My Cold, Dead Hands
There's luxury in the crescent.
Jan 30, 2018