Danielle Blundell

Executive Director of Home at Apartment Therapy

Maplewood, NJ

As Apartment Therapy's Executive Home Director, I head up our decorating, trends, and designer coverage. I studied Media Studies at the University of Virginia and Journalism at Columbia and snagged my first internship and assistant job at This Old House magazine over a decade ago, where I discovered my love of vintage design — and that writing about it could be a career. I was Home Editor at Family Circle magazine and the Lifestyle Director of Rachael Ray Every Day magazine before joining Apartment Therapy full-time in 2019. In addition to my editorial duties, I’ve worked on Apartment Therapy’s award-winning Small/Cool NYC experiential event since its inception and am super passionate about discovering new designers, brands, and decorating ideas to share them far and wide — no gatekeeping here! When I’m not writing, editing, or doing market work, you can find me thrifting near and far, spending the afternoon at an art museum (I'm starting to build my own original collection!), or attempting to fix up and decorate my new-to-me 1928 home.
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