Cyndi Fecher

Cyndi Fecher is co-founder and publisher of Graze, a food+literary journal that seeks—through poetry, essay, story, and art—to understand what nourishes us.
Tomato of the Day: Cherokee Green
Cherokee Green tomatoes were born something of a fluke—their history dates back to seed-saver Craig LeHouiller, who first grew Cherokee Chocolate tomatoes—large, purple, beefsteak tomatoes that were resistant to disease. From those plants, Cherokee Green tomato emerged—though it was ripe, it retained a beautiful greenish yellow hue. Use Cherokee Green tomatoes wherever you’d use their cousins, the more familiar red heirloom tomatoes.
Aug 15, 2014
Tomato of the Day: Juliet
Juliets are a hardy variety of tomato, which means they are more resistant to cracking, and the fruits remain strong on the vine much longer than other varietals of tomatoes this size. Also known as mini-Romas because of their shape, Juliets are technically a cross between a cherry and plum tomato. Straight off the vine, the Juliet varietal has a distinctly floral taste and smell. Juliets carry some sweetness, though not as much as Sungolds.
Aug 14, 2014