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Ina Garten's Parchment Paper Hack Makes Decorating Cakes So Much Easier
It's a simple trick, but it's a "game-changer."
May 1, 2022
The Best Powdered Sugar Substitutes, According to a Baking Expert
Not only is it easy to make at home, but it's also easy to substitute.
Apr 30, 2022
These Expert-Approved Vanilla Extract Substitutes Work Like a Charm
These substitutes are full of flavor and super easy to find.
Apr 29, 2022
What Exactly Is Espresso? And How Is It Different from Coffee?
It's time to learn more about that drink you love so much.
Apr 19, 2022
The Best Trick for Slicing Cinnamon Roll Dough Perfectly
You likely already everything you need.
Apr 16, 2022
What Exactly Is a Truffle? Plus, How to Cook with Them
Here's why these little fungi are so darn expensive.
Apr 16, 2022
We Tried 7 Ways to Make a Grilled Cheese and the Winner Was Abundantly Clear
If you think you make the best grilled cheese, think again!
Apr 16, 2022
Strip Kale Leaves in Seconds with This Kitchen Tool You Probably Already Have
This hack couldn't be easier and takes just seconds.
Apr 13, 2022
How to Reheat Chicken Breasts Without Drying Them Out
Nobody likes dry chicken — here's how to avoid it when reheating it.
Apr 4, 2022
Use This Simple Trick to Fix Clumpy or Hardened Spices
Try this quick-fix and get cooking.
Apr 5, 2022
A Week of Super-Easy Dinners Packed with Spring Vegetables
Next Week's Meal Plan
Celebrate spring with these easy vegetable-forward dinners.
Apr 2, 2022
8 Tips for Taking Mac and Cheese to the Next Level
If you thought mac and cheese couldn't get better, think again.
Mar 24, 2022
I Tried the Sarah Jessica Parker-Inspired Wine Cocktail and It’s Even Better than a Cosmo
"As someone who advocates for drinks with the perfect balance of fruity, sweet, and bitter, this drink was truly top-tier!"
Mar 16, 2022
16 Different Types of Butter and How to Use Them
There's more to butter than just "salted" and "unsalted." Here's what you need to know.
Mar 13, 2022
This Easy Garlic-Bread Hack Is the Key to Bread-Basket Heaven
This might become your new favorite way of making garlic bread.
Mar 12, 2022
What Are Oil-Cured Olives and How Do You Use Them?
They're not quite the same as the briney variety you're used to.
Feb 28, 2022
J. Kenji López-Alt’s Technique for Making Extra-Crispy Fried Eggs in a Wok Takes Less than 1 Minute
All you need is a wok and less than a minute!
Mar 7, 2022
6 Easy-to-Find Ricotta Substitutes
Use these substitutes in a pinch if you don't have ricotta nearby.
Mar 6, 2022
What's the Difference Between Key Limes and Limes?
Key limes and Persian limes (usually just labeled "limes") are similar but there are some *key* differences.
Mar 5, 2022
How to Store Homemade Frosting So It Lasts for Months
Have some extra homemade frosting? Here's how to store and use it.
Mar 4, 2022
What’s the Difference Between Hulled and Pearl Barley?
In the world of grains, barley is one of those that I am slowly but surely trying to cook with more. I grew up eating a lot (and I mean, a lot) of rice of all different kinds. Barley, on the other hand, is a grain that I most commonly had in soups and stews, like the classic beef and barley soup. My college food court actually served one every once in a while that I looked forward to on a daily basis!
Feb 24, 2022
How to Substitute Whole-Wheat Flours for All-Purpose Flour
Our local grocery stores carry a wide variety of flours that are great for all sorts of baking projects. Among the many types of flours available are white all-purpose, white whole-wheat, and regular whole-wheat flour. Regular whole-wheat flour is made from whole wheat grains, also known as kernels, and has a recognizable tan or beige color. White all-purpose flour (aka the kind you’re probably most used to baking with) is made from only part of the wheat grain known as the endosperm.
Feb 28, 2022
How Exactly Is Corn Syrup Different from High-Fructose Corn Syup?
It's all about how they're produced.
Feb 24, 2022
This Easy Muffin Trick Will Make Your Mornings So Much Tastier
Waking up super early for work can be challenging, especially if you don't have a delicious breakfast planned. This buttery muffin trick fixes all of that!
Feb 23, 2022
What’s the Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa?
Learn more about the main differences between cacao and cocoa, plus, how you can use each.
Feb 14, 2022
We Tried 6 Methods for Cutting a Pineapple
The winner was easy and efficient.
Feb 12, 2022
Ina Garten's Tiny Trick Will Have You Using Cookie Cutters for Soup — Yes, Soup
This trick for making soup toppers is so unbelievably easy!
Feb 2, 2022
74 of the Very Best Lessons We’ve Ever Learned from Ina Garten (in Honor of Her 74th Birthday)
Tips from The Kitchn
Including what counts as "good mayo," how to make the best peanut butter and jelly, and the secret to cucumber salad.
Feb 2, 2022