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What’s In the Ideal Spice Cabinet?
Q: I am getting my first apartment and I can’t wait. I’ve never had an empty kitchen, though. I read your post about basic pots and pans, but what about spices and herbs? What is the bare minimum to have? What’s an ideal, fully stocked, spice pantry? Sent by Katt Editor: An ideal spice cabinet really depends on what you like to cook and what flavors you like.
Jul 3, 2014
What’s the Difference Between Snow Peas, Snap Peas, and Garden Peas?
Brush up just in time for the season.
Jul 3, 2014
What’s the Best Way to Make Crispy Tofu?
Q: I love tofu, and tofu stir-fry is one of my go-to, no-brainer recipes. I have one problem: it seems like no matter what I do, when I’m browning my tofu, it always sticks to the pan, and the lovely crispy crust always breaks off from the tofu cubes. I want my pile of veg to be studded with golden-brown cubes, and instead it’s pocked with white blobs and scrapings. It still tastes good, but is not so pretty.
Jul 2, 2014
Two Ways Corn Cobs Can Add Extra Flavor to Your Food
After you’ve cut all the kernels off corn on the cob, you probably think that the cobs have done their duty and have nothing more to give. Think again! Here are two easy ways that corn cobs can add extra flavor to your food. You’re probably wondering what milk has anything to do with corn cobs. Milking the cobs refers to the process of removing the milky liquid (corn milk) that’s still clinging to the cobs.
Jul 2, 2014
A Guide to Get You Grilling Like a Pro
For a long time I thought there was something mysterious and hard about grilling- the process of hauling out, cleaning, and lighting the grill just seemed so complicated, not to mention actually cooking food on it. Then I met my husband’s grill-obsessed family, who cheerily grill year round, even through frigid New England winters. They showed me that grilling was such a perfect way to be outside, hang out, and get a meal on the table, all at the same time.
Jul 2, 2014
The Best Pasta for Pasta Salads
Does the kind or shape of pasta really matter for pasta salad? In theory, you can make pasta salad with any kind of pasta that you want, but here are a couple of things to think about so that you make the best choice possible. While fresh pasta is delicious, its more delicate nature means that it isn’t a great choice for pasta salads.
Jul 1, 2014
5 Tips for Skewering Foods for the Grill
For some reason, eating something off a stick just makes it more fun. Maybe it’s because you’re probably eating outside, or maybe it’s because you don’t need utensils or even a plate. Regardless, skewers should be a staple in your grilling routine, so here are a couple of tips for successful summer skewering! Ever pick up a skewer and have the food spin and flop around it? Thread two skewers parallel to each other to make sure the food stays put.
Jul 1, 2014
5 Homemade Hot Dog Condiments
Serving hot dogs with the ubiquitous red and yellow squeeze bottles of ketchup and mustard is no doubt the easiest choice. But since you’re probably not making the hot dogs from scratch, why not channel your energies into making your own condiments instead? Making your own condiments make take a little bit more time, but the effort is worth it when you add another dimension of flavor or texture to your hot dogs.
Jun 30, 2014
5 Sweet Ways to Bake with Tea
Did you know that tea leaves can actually go bad? Depending on the type, tea has essential oils in it that can go rancid if it’s sat around for too long. Don’t let it get to that point, bake up some of these tea-infused treats and serve them with your next afternoon cup instead! Teas are essentially no different than spices – they’re dried, concentrated bits of flavor.
Jun 27, 2014
The Best Ways to Pack Sandwiches
Everyone’s packed a sandwich before, so is there really a best way to do it? Depending on the sandwich, there probably is if you want to keep it from getting soggy or falling apart as it travels. While it’s certainly not rocket science, here are a couple of guiding principles that will avert possible sandwich disasters. Before we even get to packing sandwiches, we’ve got to talk about the sandwich choice itself.
Jun 27, 2014
Berried Out? 5 Ways to Use Up Leftover Berries
Got a little carried away at the U-pick farm and now buried in berries, like this reader yesterday? Maybe you took advantage of the farmers market deal and bought three baskets instead of just one? Preserve or use up the surplus in a variety of ways, from hearty salads to tart-sweet syrups. 1. Freezing. Wash and dry the berries. Trim, then freeze them whole or in pieces in a single layer until solid.
Jun 25, 2014
A Useful Accessory for Canning Jars: Plastic Storage Caps
I’m a once, maybe twice a year home canner. It’s usually in the summer when I’m tempted by flats of tomatoes or stone fruit and have conveniently forgotten how much work the canning process usually is, especially with a toddler underfoot. The rest of the year, though, the jars sit empty and are used for food storage, and that’s where I’ve discovered how great plastic storage caps are.
Jun 24, 2014
Beyond Soups & Smoothies: 5 More Ways to Use Your Stick Blender
I reach for the stick blender to make quick work of blending a big pot of soup, and it’s also great for the morning on-the-go smoothie since I can blend it right in the cup. But beyond these two tasks, what else can stick blenders do? An immersion or stick blender is a handy, inexpensive appliance that can often take the place of a food processor or regular blender.
Jun 24, 2014
How Do I Scale a Recipe Down to Serve Two?
Q: I am single and often look for ways to successfully and reliably scale down recipes I want to try to serve 2. I was so happy to to see the cooking for two cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen and I quickly purchased it. So far, I love it. However, my burning question is: for the rest of the recipes I want to try from other sites and magazines or cookbooks, how can I scale down the recipe to work for me?
Jun 23, 2014
A Complete Guide to Storing Your Flour
A lot has changed in the world of flours since I was a child. The shelves that used to hold just all-purpose, bread, and cake flour are now groaning with flours milled from seeds, nuts, and grains. What’s the best way to store all these flours, and how long do they last? We spoke to Susan Reid of King Arthur Flour and Cassidy Stockton of Bob’s Red Mill, and they helped us compile this guide on the different categories of flours, where to store them, and their shelf lives.
Jun 20, 2014
A La Mode! 5 Desserts That Are Even Better with Ice Cream
If I’ve already made the decision to have dessert, then the question of whether or not to have it a la mode is a no-brainer. Yes, please! There’s something about ice cream that makes each sweet bite that much better. Here are five desserts beyond the traditional apple pie a la mode that are begging to be topped with a scoop of ice cream.
Jun 19, 2014
What Is Sushi Grade Fish?
Buying fish you’ll be eating raw can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never done it before. It’s expensive and you want to make sure it’s safe to consume, so here’s a guide on what to look for and what questions you should be asking. Although stores use the label “sushi grade fish,” there are no official standards for using this label.
Jun 18, 2014
Go Beyond Salads with These 5 Fresh Ways to Cook With Quinoa
We love quinoa salads — we brought you a real beauty in this green goddess salad today! — but this easy-cooking nutritious grain can go far beyond just salads. What else can do you with this pantry staple? Here are five alternative ways that you can eat quinoa throughout the day, from breakfast all the way to dessert. Quinoa is much more versatile than the salads it usually ends up in.
Jun 16, 2014
The Best Way to Keep Sangria Cold Without Ice
Nothing screams warm weather like a big pitcher of sangria. You’ve patiently waited for the fruit to steep into the wine and do its magic, and now you’re ready to imbibe. But pouring the sangria over ice seems almost sacrilegious since you’ll dilute the flavors that have worked so hard to come together. How do you keep it cold and refreshing? Here’s a tip to keep that sangria cold without losing any flavor.
Jun 16, 2014
What to Look for When Buying White Chocolate
When a recipe calls for a good-quality white chocolate, do you know what to look for when you compare brands and labels? And does what you choose determine if your recipe will succeed? Here are a few tips for buying the best white chocolate for baking and melting. Many argue that since white chocolate doesn’t contain the dry cocoa solids that are in chocolate liquor, it’s not really chocolate at all.
Jun 13, 2014
10 Food Writers’ Tips for Eating Well While Traveling
Finding good food while traveling is not always easy — there may be language, navigation, or cultural differences that can make the whole process frustrating and disappointing. We asked 10 well-traveled food writers for their best tips on finding the tastiest meals while they’re on the road so that every bite is delicious and memorable. Author of Keys To the Kitchen. Visit Aida’s website.
Jun 13, 2014
What’s The Best Way to Flip Pancakes?
Q: Do you guys have advice on how best to flip pancakes? I gave myself a righteous burn this weekend when some batter and oil spattered on me after flipping a pancake. I’m already pretty timid with frying things and this has really given me some frying fear! Many of the videos online suggest flipping it like one would flip sauteing vegetables (push the pan quickly forward then pull quickly backward), but I don’t want to try it because all I can picture is hot batter flying toward me!
Jun 12, 2014
Why Are Morel Mushrooms So Expensive?
Morel mushrooms are expensive. Really expensive. While prices vary from store to store or region to region, the fresh ones can cost multiple times more than the other cultivated mushrooms they sit next to on the shelves. Why are they so expensive, and are they really worth buying? I spoke to Ken Litchfield, who teaches fungi cultivation at the Mycological Society of San Francisco, and he said that the high prices of morel mushrooms basically come down to 3 reasons: 1. Hard to cultivate.
Jun 12, 2014
This One Tip Makes Homemade Fried Chicken Way More Fun
Frying chicken, especially multiple batches if you’re feeding a crowd, can be a stressful dance of breading, frying, and keeping the chicken warm since each batch takes forever to fry — not to mention making sure that the chicken is safely cooked through! Here’s one easy step to incorporate into the process to make the whole thing a lot more zen.
Jun 12, 2014
6 Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice
After you’ve dug the last spear out of the pickle jar, you can either pour the pickle juice down the drain and bid it adieu, or you can save and repurpose it into something useful or tasty. Don’t waste that flavorful liquid – here are some great ways to give it new life! 1. Salad dressings: Replace the vinegar in your favorite salad dressing with pickle juice, or drizzle some pickle juice into potato or pasta salad to punch it up. 2.
Jun 11, 2014
What’s the Difference Between Rice Vinegar and Seasoned Rice Vinegar?
Rice vinegar is used in a lot of Asian cooking because of its mild acidity and hint of sweetness. Recipes usually call for the two most common varieties, rice vinegar or seasoned rice vinegar. What are the differences, and which one should you buy? The subtle, but important differences in rice vinegar and seasoned rice vinegar boil down to sweetness and acidity. While there are many types of rice vinegar, including red, brown, and black, the most commonly available one is white rice vinegar.
Jun 10, 2014
Why I Always Have Plastic Cutlery in My Purse
I try hard not to lug around a heavy purse or bag, opting to carry only my keys, phone, wallet, and sunglasses in a small purse. A few years ago, however, an unexpected addition made its way into my purse and has found permanent residence: plastic utensils. As a poor culinary student in Paris, my food mainly came from leftovers I brought home from class and the grocery store.
Jun 10, 2014
5 Unexpected Ways to Use Fish Sauce
I reach for my large bottle of pungent fish sauce when making Asian vinaigrettes and dipping sauces. However, since it’s so strong, it always seems to take a while to get through the bottle. Here are some out-of-the box ways to integrate fish sauce into more of your cooking!
Jun 6, 2014
3 Practical Ways To Use Squeeze Bottles
You might think that squeeze bottles are only used by chefs in restaurant kitchens to artfully plate chocolate sauce or raspberry coulis, but here are 3 practical ways they can be put to good use in the home kitchen! Squeeze bottles are great because they give you more control than wider-mouth bottles when pouring, allowing you to get just the right amount out. Plus, they’re inexpensive and can be run through the dishwasher when they get sticky or dirty.
Jun 4, 2014
How Do I Clean Mineral Deposits Off Glass Pitchers?
Q: I have several glass water pitchers I use to serve tap water. We have hard water that leaves mineral deposits on the pitchers I cannot remove. Any ideas on how to clean them? Sent by Mandy Editor: Readers, how do you get the mineral deposits off your glass pitchers?
Jun 3, 2014
12 Delicious Foods You Can Pack for a Flight
What you eat while traveling can sometimes involve extremes: it might be a continuous stream of buttery pastries from Parisian patisseries, or the sad monotony of business trip club sandwiches through room service. No matter what kind of trip it is, you don’t have to settle for eating a wilted grab-and-go sandwich from the terminal kiosk. Here are some ideas on what to pack that will actually make you look forward to your in-flight meal!
Jun 3, 2014
Using Clothespins To Secure Parchment Paper
Parchment paper seems to have an annoying way of not staying in an empty baking pan. Even when it’s creased or greased, it always tries to pop up, making pouring batter in and smoothing it out more difficult than it needs to be. Kitchn reader Laurel sent us this smart tip for securing the paper to the pan – use clothespins!
Jun 2, 2014
How Do I Incorporate Dark, Leafy Greens Into My Diet?
Q: What’s the best way to incorporate dark, leafy greens into my diet? I’m not big on kale and deplore greens in my morning smoothie, both of which seem to be really popular right now. I could just use a bit more green nutrients in my diet. Thanks!
May 30, 2014
Is There Gluten in Glutinous Rice?
Sticky rice goes by many names — waxy, sweet, and pearl among them — but the most confusing one is glutinous. Does glutinous rice actually contain gluten? The answer is no: glutinous rice is gluten-free. The misleading name simply comes from the fact that glutinous rice gets glue-like and sticky when cooked. Why is it so sticky? It all comes down to starch content: the starch in rice has two components, amylose and amylopectin.
May 30, 2014
Keep Sauces Warm With Something You Already Have
Timing a meal so that everything is ready at the same time isn’t easy, especially when you are serving a delicate sauce that needs to be kept warm. Sometimes there isn’t enough space on the stove or you need to commandeer the saucepan for another dish, so here’s an easy solution to keep your sauces piping hot using something you probably already have in the kitchen cabinet.
May 30, 2014
This One Small Extra Step Makes the Cheesiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever
The grilled cheese is the little black dress of sandwiches with good reason: it’s classic and never goes out of style. There’s just something about the simple-yet-unbeatable combination of buttered, toasted bread with gooey cheese in the middle. But what if you could up your grilled cheese game by making them even cheesier? A sprinkling of a hard, aged cheese like Parmesan or Pecorino Romano onto the buttered bread before you toast it adds an amazing dimension to the final sandwich.
May 29, 2014
The Best Way to Use Cooking Spray Without Making a Mess
Using nonstick cooking spray is an easy way to grease all the edges and corners in a baking pan, but it always seems to coat the area I’m spraying over with a sticky film too. Does this happen to you too? Here’s the best way I’ve found to make sure your pan gets greasy while your kitchen stays clean. It’s simple: Spray cooking spray into your pan over an open dishwasher door.
May 28, 2014
How Do I Use Cherry Balsamic Vinegar?
Q: I recently received a bottle of cherry balsamic vinegar. Other than using it to dress salads, or perhaps to top a baked brie, I’m at a loss! What are some recipes that allow the flavors to shine/complement other ingredients? Sent by Vicky Editor: Readers, what fun things do you make with cherry balsamic vinegar?
May 23, 2014
Why You Should Buy Frozen Garlic
Some people like the ritual of peeling and chopping up garlic, but I hate it. The garlic sticks to the knife, I hate picking out any green shoots in the middle of a clove, and my hands have a faint eau-de-garlic on them for the rest of the day. But skipping the garlic in a recipe is not an option since I love its flavor. My happy discovery? Frozen garlic. I’ve purchased the Dorot brand of frozen crushed garlic cubes at Trader Joe’s for years.
May 23, 2014
Food Safety: How To Pack For a Picnic
Packing for a picnic might seem like a breeze since, unlike a barbecue, there’s no on-site cooking or raw meat involved. But since you’re traveling and eating outside without the convenience of refrigeration, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re loading up the picnic basket to pack it safely. You still need a cooler. Pack your cute picnic basket with non-perishable food, napkins, and dinnerware, but pack all perishable items in an insulated cooler with ice packs.
May 23, 2014
What Can I Do With The Bergamot Herb?
Q: The bergamot herb in my garden is beautiful this spring – I’d love to get some ideas for cooking, baking, and infusing with it. Any suggestions? Sent by Morgan Editor: Here’s a description about the bergamot herb (also known as bee balm) and some suggestions on how to use it. Readers, what do you make with bergamot herb?
May 22, 2014
The Right Order to Make Potato Salad
While potato salad is a year-round dish, it really becomes a staple as the weather turns warm. Whether you’re going vinegar-y or creamy, warm or cold, the order it’s put together makes the difference between a potato salad with great textures and flavors, and one that is just ho-hum. If you remember the right order to do things, you can easily throw together a tasty potato salad with what you have on hand. Multitask. Start by boiling your potatoes.
May 22, 2014
How My Oven’s Delay Start Feature Changed My Life
Technology and I have a love-hate relationship. Once I learn to how use a new device, I really grow to appreciate it, but it’s getting me to try it in the first place that’s the hard part. I hate figuring out technology unless it’s really intuitive, so I usually give up after a few tries to do something the old-fashioned way instead. The same goes for extra or fancy features on kitchen equipment — I just want something to do its basic job.
May 21, 2014
How To Make Egg Drop Soup
Egg drop soup makes me think of my grandmother every time I see it, and it's a dish I turn to when I need something light, comforting, and warm.
Oct 27, 2011