Anna Brones

Anna Brones is a writer and the author of The Culinary Cyclist and Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break. She is also the founder of Foodie Underground. She can most often be found drinking coffee, riding her bike or exploring markets.
4 Reasons Your Coffee Tastes Bitter
There’s nothing worse than pouring a big cup of coffee to go with your breakfast sandwich, bringing it to your lips, taking that first sweet drink, and realizing that it’s bitter as sin. Your cup of coffee should be a burst of good flavor, not an overpowering dose of bitterness. So why does it end up bitter? It’s interesting that coffee is often associated with bitterness.
Dec 10, 2022
What Is Siphon Coffee, and How Is It Made?
Have you had coffee from a siphon? While you may have seen siphon coffee makers popping up at more and more specialty coffee shops and retailers, the trend of vacuum coffee makers is nothing new. A siphon coffee maker brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and gravity produce coffee. In fact the concept dates back to the mid 1800s, when people were in agreement that boiling their coffee killed the taste, and so were experimenting with vacuums and vapor pressure.
Oct 3, 2022
3 Common Mistakes People Make When Brewing French Press Coffee
While not everyone is a lover of the French press, it’s one of the most classic methods of brewing coffee, and if you do it right, it can produce a great cup. Want to perfect your morning French press? Avoid these three common mistakes and you’ll be sure to get the best brew every time. The beauty of a French press is in its simplicity — grind your coffee, add water, and go.
Sep 2, 2022
Get Buzzed with Coffee Cocktails that Go Way Beyond Irish Coffee
Since people love coffee, it’s no surprise that they would start pairing it with their other favorite drinks. Coffee beer is bringing brewers and roasters together, but it’s not the only pairing on the booze front — coffee cocktails are also exploding. Just as coffee and cream was the standard caffeine drink for decades, everyone probably knows about Irish coffee, a combination of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar.
May 1, 2019
10 Fika Recipes So You Can Take Your Coffee Break Like a Swede
What’s essential to a Swedish fika isn’t just coffee. It’s what goes with it. In Sweden, there are a variety of iconic recipes associated with fika, many of which you will find at almost any Swedish cafe. But you don’t have to visit Sweden to indulge in fika. Here are 10 Swedish recipes that are perfect for fika, and that you can easily make at home. More about fika: What Is Fika?
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Savory Caraway Crisps
A lot of people assume that the tradition of fika means sweet treats. Of course, not much tops the pairing of a cup of coffee and a cardamom bun, but the Swedish custom of fika can also be a savory thing. Swedes, and their Scandinavian counterparts, are known for their open-faced sandwiches, often made on top of dense, hearty bread. But skorpor areother savory fika treats worth trying. Twice-baked rolls that are dry and crispy, skorpor remind me of my Swedish grandmother.
May 1, 2019
A Good Spice Kit Is the Key to Great Meals Away from Home
When you’re cooking on the go — whether you’re roughing it in nature or testing the limits of your Airbnb kitchen — it’s smart to think simple. Do go for these three-ingredient roasted potatoes; maybe save the two-day pasta sauce for when you’re in your kitchen at home. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring — especially if you have a spice kit on hand. The right spices can take a meal from tasting so-so to great.
Oct 27, 2017
We Tested 7 Instant Coffees & Here’s the Best One
And the winner is ...
Oct 10, 2017
The Secret to Brewing Good Coffee Outside
I love having my daily cup of coffee — for the caffeine, but also for the ritual involved. That’s why, when I set off on a two-week bike trip at the end of summer, I brought along a pretty serious coffee setup. Taking a normal ritual and doing it somewhere entirely different is special, which is why I’m such an advocate of making coffee outside. So what do you need to make good coffee outside?
Oct 7, 2017
5 Camping Staples You Should Make Ahead at Home
These camping staples are easy to make at home and will only add to the joy of cooking in the great outdoors.
Sep 24, 2017
What Is Hygge, and How Do You Pronounce It?
Candles, a crackling fireplace, a mug full of a warm libation, wool socks; in the gray of winter, there’s no more fitting social custom than hygge. A Danish term that is difficult to define with a one-word translation, hygge is a cozy sense of being. It’s the warm glow that comes from food and friends; the feeling you have after you return from a winter hike in the snow and wrap your hands around a hot drink.
Jan 3, 2017
3 Reasons to Give This Gluten-Free Flour a Try
These days, it seems there are a million alternatives to your standard supermarket-variety flours. Banana flour? It’s a thing. Quinoa flour? Check! Obviously there’s coconut flour, too, but have you heard of coffee flour? Here’s what you should know — and why you should give this gluten-free flour a try. Before we delve into coffee flour, it helps to understand a bit about how the coffee we drink is made.
May 13, 2016
How Young Is Too Young to Drink Coffee?
Would you pour coffee into a sippy cup? Probably not. Culturally, childhood consumption of coffee is usually avoided — at least during the very early years. But as children grow older into adolescence, the world of lattes and macchiatos can be hard to resist. So, how young is too young? We asked a few experts to weigh in. As coffee shops become places where adolescents hang out and congregate, thinking about their caffeine consumption is increasingly important.
May 10, 2016
Can Instant Coffee Be Good Coffee?
Absolutely Fabulous character Edina Monsoon once said, “Instant coffee is just old beans that have been cremated.” And while that’s not entirely true — instant coffee is actually brewed coffee that’s been dehydrated into dry granules that are packaged up ready for you to spoon into a cup — the just-add-hot-water stuff doesn’t have an excellent reputation for taste. That is, until now.
May 9, 2016
A Printable Adult Coloring Page for Strawberry Lovers
If there’s one thing that excites market-goers this time of year, it’s certainly the strawberry. After a winter of root vegetables, the chance to pop a bright red berry in your mouth is hard to resist. But did you know, botanically speaking, strawberries aren’t really berries? If you want to get really botanical about berries, science defines a berry as “a fleshy fruit from a single ovary.
Apr 29, 2016
A Printable Adult Coloring Page for Asparagus Lovers
Is there a more vibrant harbinger of spring than asparagus? When the bright green stalks pop up at the farmers market, you know winter is ready to make its retreat. It’s a sign that warmer days and greener vegetables are just ahead. Cultivation of asparagus dates back to Roman times, when Emperor Augustus coined the phrase “velocius quam asparagi conquantur.
Apr 22, 2016
A Printable Adult Coloring Page for Artichoke Lovers
Green and spiky, it’s easy to be intimidated by the artichoke. But once we master it, most of us fall in love, charmed by its sweet, succulent interior. (No wonder food companies have taken to selling artichoke hearts!) Steamed and served with a little butter, the artichoke is at once simple and exquisite — not to mention the perfect ode to the season. We are not the first to be enamored of the artichoke.
Apr 13, 2016
5 Breakfast Lessons I Learned from Scandinavia
For many of us, breakfast is rarely more than a cup of coffee or a piece of fruit while rushing out the door. That’s if we manage to eat anything at all: Over 31 million Americans regularly skip breakfast. There is research to back up both sides of the “To Eat or Not to Eat Breakfast” argument, but I think most of us share a wistfulness for a proper breakfast.
Apr 12, 2016
A Coloring Guide to Spring Produce
Spring is officially here — although you wouldn’t necessarily know it from your weekly grocery run. Seasonality doesn’t really exist in the produce aisles. Perhaps there are more apples in the fall; maybe a special berry display in summer, but there will always be apples and there will always be berries.
Apr 6, 2016
15 Gifts for the Coffee-Lover in Your Life
If you’re in the market for a coffee-lover gift, look no further. From limited-edition coffee to coffee brewers, there’s something for any kind of coffee-lover on this list. Because if you’re a good gift giver, you can probably expect a few good cups of coffee brewed for you in return. Here are 15 fun coffee-themed gifts for anyone with a love of a good cup of joe.
Dec 16, 2015
Swedish Advent Coffee Is the Best Kind of Christmas Party
As the days get darker and darker, it’s no surprise that a Northern country like Sweden would know how to make December the coziest month of the year. In Sweden, December is full of celebrations and traditional food and drink. One of my favorite December customs is adventskaffe, a coffee gathering to celebrate Advent. It’s essentially the combination of two of Sweden’s most iconic traditions: fika and Christmas.
Dec 7, 2015
The Changing Face of European Coffee
Europe has always had a special relationship to coffee. Centuries ago, European traders got their hands on it during travels to the Near East, helping to launch an entire global industry. We have France to thank for cafes, and Italy to thank for our beloved espresso drinks. European coffee culture has always been rich, and it continues to grow and expand today. Even the British, known around the world as tea drinkers, had a role to play in American coffee habits.
Nov 30, 2015
Tips on Pairing Pumpkin Pie and Coffee
When it comes to dessert this holiday season, what do you plan on putting on the table? I am not talking about the actual dessert – let’s be honest, we all know you’re going to make at least one pumpkin pie in the coming weeks – I’m talking about the coffee. Coffee-lovers, what’s the best way to pair coffee with pumpkin pie? Let’s get geeky.
Nov 23, 2015
What Is the Optimal Amount of Coffee to Drink?
It seems like every week there’s a new report telling us how much coffee we should or shouldn’t drink, which leaves most coffee drinkers wondering: What is the optimal amount we should be consuming? Recent recommendations from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee cited the various health benefits of drinking a few cups of coffee per day, which left a lot of people citing three to five cups per day as an acceptable amount.
Nov 16, 2015
4 Ways to Avoid the Paper Cup at the Coffee Shop
Coffee on the go often means popping into a cafe and ordering a drink to take with you. But with this drink being a regular — most often daily — activity, society’s coffee-to-go habit comes at a cost: Americans consume (and therefore dispose of) about 14 billion paper coffee cups per year. That’s enough to circle Earth 55 times! All because of our coffee addiction.
Nov 9, 2015
5 Things to Consider When Dating a Non-Coffee Drinker
They say opposites attract, but when the opposites involved are “coffee lover” and “non-coffee drinker,” can it really work? That might sound a little too serious, but if there’s one thing we know about coffee drinkers, it’s that they take their coffee very seriously. Some people go as far as to call abstaining from coffee a dating deal-breaker.
Nov 2, 2015
The Link Between Coffee and Creativity
Coffee is a part of regular routines for many creatives — writers in particular. Coffee shops are also preferred work spaces, as the ambient noise found in coffee shops has been shown to be conducive to creative cognition. A cup of coffee can feel like the kickstart to a creative process, and help get us into a creative flow. But how are coffee and creativity really linked? Some research shows that, contrary to popular belief, coffee may inhibit creativity.
Oct 26, 2015
10 Coffee Instagram Accounts to Follow
Coffee and Instagram seem to be meant for each other. Even those who aren’t obsessed with coffee have probably posted a caffeinated photo or two at some point in their Instagram career. If you’re looking for visual coffee inspiration, here are 10 great coffee Instagram accounts to follow.
Oct 19, 2015
What’s the Deal with Acid in Coffee?
Coffee often gets branded as an acidic drink, but in fact, coffee comes in at around a five on the pH scale, which is actually less acidic than drinks like beer, orange juice, and even soda. So, when we talk about acid and coffee, most often, we are not actually talking about the pH level of the drink. Here’s what we are talking about. Acidity is one of the key components of how a coffee tastes.
Oct 12, 2015
What Makes Espresso Different from Brewed Coffee?
Up until the last few years — when pour-over coffee started garnering cult status in the specialty coffee world, making filter coffee cool again — espresso had often been deemed by many as the “best” way to drink coffee. When it was introduced in the United States, a country where we had become used to drinking drip coffee, it was an entirely new way to experience coffee.
Oct 7, 2015
9 Easy Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day
Most of us celebrate each morning like it’s a special day for drinking coffee, but this week you have an extra-special reason to pour yourself a great cup: October 1 marks the first official International Coffee Day. Orchestrated by the International Coffee Organization, International Coffee Day is all about celebrating coffee. There are events taking place all over the world — each and every one of them devoted to your favorite drink.
Sep 28, 2015
What Coffee Culture Is Like in Cuba
Coffee came to Cuba in the mid-1700s, and soon thereafter Cuba became a large coffee producer and exporter. In fact, coffee production has had such an impact on the Cuban landscape that the first coffee plantations now have a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. As coffee production grew, the drink became part of the national identity; it’s no surprise that even those of us who have never been to Cuba have probably at least once or twice heard mention of a café cubano.
Sep 21, 2015
9 Ways to Practice Good Manners at the Coffee Shop
Coffee shops used to be the place you just went to hang out on a lazy Sunday morning, throwing yourself down in the overstuffed chair probably bought at a garage sale. But nowadays many cafes are precise operations — every drink, food item, and fixture carefully plotted and planned. Sometimes these places can even come off as intimidating, especially if you get a condescending barista. Blah, right? But good manners on everyone’s part will get you a long way.
Sep 14, 2015
10 Paris Food Secrets the Guidebooks Won’t Tell You About
If I were to guess which city had the most guidebooks written about it, my guess would be Paris. Paris is, after all, the city many romanticize, regardless of whether or not they have actually been there. There is a charm to Paris, a pull for many travelers — it’s a city full of quirks, mystery, hidden streets, and tucked-away gardens. But as a resident of Paris, I am here to tell you: the guidebooks don’t tell you everything.
Sep 10, 2015
Why Does Airplane Coffee Taste So Bad?
No matter what kind of coffee drinker you are, I think we can all agree on the fact that airplane coffee generally falls into the category of “bad coffee.” Why is the coffee served in the air so terrible, and what can you do about it? The first place we usually check for low-quality coffee is with the beans. But in this case, the beans themselves aren’t necessarily the problem.
Sep 7, 2015
9 Blogs for Coffee Lovers
Is your daily dose of coffee just not enough for you? Are you looking for something a little extra? Perhaps some coffee education? Or the latest gossip in the coffee industry? Then a coffee blog just might be for you. If you’re a coffee lover, coffee geek, coffee nerd, or just someone looking for more information about coffee, here are my favorite online coffee resources. Brew a fresh batch and start reading.
Aug 31, 2015