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Strange But True: The Raw Shiitake Rash
Blistering red welts. A rash that spreads from the back of the hands to the neck, legs, back and abdomen. Is it poison oak? No — it’s shiitake dermatitis, a bizarre reaction to eating raw or undercooked shiitake mushrooms.Have you ever heard of this?More common in Asia, shiitake dermatitis is thought to be a reaction to a component of the mushroom called lentinan, which breaks down when heated.
Feb 23, 2011
How To Brew Coffee With a Chemex Coffee Maker
How many kitchen gadgets are also museum pieces? The Chemex coffee maker not only has a place in the Museum of Modern Art, its elegance and function have earned it a permanent place on my kitchen counter. Making a cup of coffee with this simple brewer isn’t quite as easy as pushing a button, but the rich, clean results are worth it.IngredientsCoffee beans, ground or wholeFiltered waterEquipmentChemex coffee brewerChemex paper filterKettleBurr grinder (if starting with whole beans)1.
Feb 18, 2011
Sweet & Simple: Homemade Flavored Sugar Cubes
These sparkling homemade sugar cubes flavored with rosewater, Meyer lemon or orange flower water are so lovely, we’re thinking about hosting a tea party just so we can make them. Even better: the recipe is surprisingly easy and the flavor possibilities are endless.Alejandra of Always Order Dessert was inspired to create these brightly-colored sugar cubes after she noticed an opened tube of colored sugar that had clumped up.
Feb 16, 2011
Tip: For Perfect Whipped Cream, Use a Food Processor
Thanks to a tip from the LA Times Test Kitchen, we just learned the best way to make perfectly light yet long-lasting whipped cream in under five minutes, with no bowl-chilling required. The secret is using a food processor or small food chopper. Have you ever tried this? Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter says it produces a texture “superior to any other” and we would have to agree.
Feb 9, 2011
Becoming an Intuitive Cook: 5 Easy Steps
When faced with a pile of ingredients, do you go hunting for a recipe to match or do you rely on your own cooking knowledge to make a meal out of it? In the December issue of Food & Wine, former recipe addict Daniel Duane writes about his journey to becoming a more intuitive cook with the help of Thomas Keller, and boils the process down to five very practicable steps.
Dec 6, 2010
Holiday Memories: Why Food Scents Are So Powerful
Mulled cider. A baking ham. Gingerbread cooling on the counter. We all have scents that conjure up holiday memories with a vivid force no other sense can match. Why is that?NPR spoke with a university professor who has researched the connection between our sense of smell and our memories and she revealed some surprising facts about scent, our emotions and the odor of stinky cheese.Dr.
Nov 29, 2010
Last-Minute Appetizer: Prosciutto-Wrapped Arugula
When I’m cooking for a big group, there are two things I know for sure: 1) I’m going to be worried I don’t have enough food and 2) I’m going to be short on time. That’s when last-minute appetizers like this come in handy.Prosciutto-wrapped arugula needs no cooking, uses two ingredients and requires minimal prep, making it a great option for those times when you need one more platter of food, but don’t have an extra hour to make it happen.
Nov 19, 2010
National Bundt Cake Day Celebration: 30 Bundts in 30 Days
Did you know November 15th is National Bundt Cake Day? Mary of The Food Librarian has been celebrating by baking 30 bundts over the past 30 days and we’ve been inspired by the range of bundts she’s produced. Classic, mini, ice-cream-filled, savory, jellied — she’s made them all!Over the past month, Mary has baked many classic bundt cakes with simple glazes, like a zucchini olive oil bundt with crunchy lemon glaze.
Nov 15, 2010
Chili and Cornbread: A Cool-Weather Meal in a Jar
Summer is behind us, but that doesn’t mean the end of eating outdoors — or the end of packing food in jars for waste-free, portable meals. This chili and cornbread combo in a jar looks like the perfect meal for a cozy autumn picnic.To make these, you just fill the bottom of the jar with your favorite chili and top it with a scoop of cornbread batter. The jars go into the oven, heating up the chili and baking the cornbread into a golden cap on top.
Nov 1, 2010