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4 Ways to Use Fennel Stalks and Fronds
The flavor goes all the way up!
May 7, 2024
How to Store Mint So It Stays Fresh for Weeks
Step one: Remove it from the plastic container.
May 7, 2024
What is Tajín? (And How Do You Use It?)
It’s great on almost everything.
May 4, 2024
Tamari vs. Soy Sauce: What's the Difference?
It's not just wheat.
May 3, 2024
Freezer Bags vs Regular Storage Bags — Is There a Difference?
Protect your leftovers the right way.
May 1, 2024
This Restaurant Trick for Juicing Lemons Is Shockingly Easy
Who needs a juicer when you have tongs?
May 1, 2024
You Can't Ripen a Pineapple (No Matter What Everyone Says)
Put away that paper bag; it’s not going to help.
Apr 30, 2024
You've Been Cutting a Jalapeño Wrong Your Entire Life
Burning hands, begone.
Apr 29, 2024
The One Step I Never Skip for Way More Delicious Rice
Plain rice gets a glow-up.
Apr 26, 2024
The "Tug Test" Farmers Swear by to Pick the Best Pineapple
Definitely do this at the grocery store.
Apr 26, 2024
These Stuffed Chicken Breasts Prove It's What's on the Inside That Counts
Who says chicken breasts have gotta be boring?
Apr 25, 2024
The Only Matzo Ball Soup Recipe You'll Ever Need
We've got the secret to fluffy and dense matzo balls.
Apr 25, 2024
The Best Substitute for Lime Juice (Plus 6 More Options)
No, it’s not just lemons.
Apr 24, 2024
The Best Way to Fry Eggs (I Tested 8 Methods!)
The winner was a surprise.
Apr 18, 2024
The Totally Magical 1-Ingredient Dessert I'm Making All Spring
It’s shockingly simple.
Apr 17, 2024
6 Types of Honey, Explained
There’s more to honey than just bees.
Apr 17, 2024
The 5 Best Types of Bread for a Grilled Cheese
It’s just as important as the cheese.
Apr 12, 2024
I Just Learned the "Most Wild" Way to Peel an Egg Without Using My Fingers
You’ll never waste time hunched over the trash again.
Apr 11, 2024
4 Popular Types of Lentils, Explained
We can’t pick a favorite.
Apr 10, 2024
Persian vs. English Cucumbers: Here's the Real Difference
They’re both great — but they're not the same.
Apr 8, 2024
This Pineapple Salsa Will Make You Forget All About Tomatoes
Perfect balance of sweet and heat.
Apr 5, 2024
This 1-Ingredient Oatmeal Upgrade Is So Good, I’ve Made It Every Day for a Week
Breakfast has never been easier.
Apr 4, 2024
The Restaurant Asparagus Trick I Always Do to Make It Seriously Amazing
This little known rule will change how you prep the spring vegetable.
Apr 3, 2024
What Are Sweetbreads? (Plus How to Cook Them)
Spoiler, they're not bread.
Mar 28, 2024
My Brilliant Brunch Trick for Making Bacon Taste as Good as a Restaurant
All it takes is two ingredients that you already have.
Mar 28, 2024
This TikTok "No-Peel" Hard-Boiled Egg Hack Is Brilliant
You'll never make egg salad the same way again.
Mar 28, 2024
Jalapeño vs. Serrano Peppers: What’s the Difference?
We break down these two little green hot peppers.
Mar 26, 2024
What Are Pimento Peppers Anyway?
They're more than just cheese dip.
Mar 25, 2024
10 Types of Classic Cocktails You Should Definitely Know How to Make
Be the drink hero you want to be.
Mar 23, 2024
I Tasted Claussen Pickle Jelly Beans — the Internet Was Right About Them
You’re welcome.
Mar 23, 2024
The Ingenious Nutella Baking Hack for Outrageously Good Cookies
Take your chocolate chip cookies up a notch.
Mar 21, 2024
What Does it Mean When an Ingredient is “Divided” in a Recipe?
We got you.
Mar 20, 2024
Cage-Free vs. Free-Range vs. Pasture-Raised: How to Decode Egg Cartons
An egg-cellent explainer.
Mar 20, 2024
The One-Ingredient Ground Beef Trick For Better Browning
You’ll never cook ground beef without it again.
Mar 18, 2024
What's the Difference Between Mozzarella and Burrata?
We break down the differences and which cheese to use when.
Mar 13, 2024
What “Room Temperature” Really Means (And Why it Matters)
We’ll help you get that butter softened in a flash.
Mar 11, 2024
The Easiest Way to Cut a Pineapple
Why pay for pre-cut?
Mar 11, 2024
The 4 Best Types of Bread for Delicious French Toast
The right slice can make or break your next brunch.
Mar 9, 2024
What is Corned Beef?
Here's a hint: There's no corn in it.
Mar 7, 2024
The Best Thing to Do With That Leftover Parmesan Rind
It's packed full of flavor.
Mar 5, 2024
The Secret to Cooking Pasta Faster? Cold Water
It’s faster and easier.
Mar 5, 2024
What is Teflon? (and Is It Safe?)
Here's the deal, once and for all.
Mar 1, 2024
Can You Freeze Potato Soup?
Your future self will thank you.
Mar 1, 2024
The Best Cheese for Restaurant-Quality Pizza at Home
Never make a subpar pizza at home again.
Feb 29, 2024
Is it Ketchup or Catsup?
A brief history of America’s favorite condiment.
Feb 24, 2024
The Best Ways to Reheat Leftover Pizza
No soggy crusts here!
Feb 23, 2024