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Alyse Whitney is the author of cookbook Big Dip Energy, Cosmopolitan’s first-ever food columnist (Doing the Least with Alyse), and a TV host (Netflix’s Easy-Bake Battle, Pressure Cooker, and The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge). She has been cooking ever since she could reach the countertop, and spent most of her career as a writer and editor at magazines (including Bon Appétit and Rachael Ray Every Day) and food-focused brands (Cooking Channel, Food Network, and Chrissy Teigen’s lifestyle brand, Cravings). She is a Korean American Jewish adoptee who resides in Los Angeles with her two rescue pups, Miso and Ritz, and is always looking for a new dish to transform into a dip — and her next go-to karaoke song.
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