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10 Christmas Trees Made Entirely of Delicious Food
Christmas trees in the kitchen or dining room don’t usually make the most sense. However, we’ll make an exception for these fun look-alike treats. Because presentation is key this time of year. Whether you want to get creative with a cheese platter or make DIY sweets, these are some of our favorite edible Christmas trees. This cheese board couldn’t be any simpler to put together. Use different colored cheese cubes and red and green grapes to create a layered Christmas tree.
Dec 12, 2016
The Best Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping Tips, According to Checkout Clerks
I started working at the supermarket in my town when I was in high school, and continued to pick up shifts when I’d come home from college in the summer, for winter break, and (you guessed it!) Thanksgiving weekend. Even though I’d be home for just a few days during Thanksgiving, there were two things I could count on: My jeans wouldn’t be as comfortable when I got back to school, and my boss would ask me to work a shift the day before Thanksgiving.
Nov 1, 2016