Alina Dizik

I Ate at 5 Steakhouses and This Is What I Learned
My steakhouse skepticism runs deep. I love a good steak, but rarely want to endure the stuffiness of a traditional steakhouse that comes with it. In the past, there were only two reasons I’d visit a steakhouse: to take advantage of someone’s generous expense account or if I was going on a date. But when new steakhouses started to get buzz near my home in Chicago, I was hungry, and curious about what I was missing. A lot, apparently, I learned after eating at five of them.
Feb 9, 2017
How Cake Taught Me About My Family’s Past
Two years ago, on my husband’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with a cake. The surprise wasn’t the actual cake (he knew it was happening) — it was that I wanted to bake it (I’m not much of a baker). Admittedly, it was a selfish gift. I wanted to learn to recreate my grandmother’s biskvit with her help. His birthday was just an excuse and I knew he’d enjoy it.
Dec 20, 2016