Alexis Reliford

Hailing from a small town in Louisiana, known for meat pies and Steel Magnolias (yes, the movie), Alexis is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Refinery29, and more.
Costco Is Now Selling Huge Tubs of Everything Bagel Seasoning
This is what my life has been missing.
Jun 9, 2019
’90s Cereals You Thought Were Gone Forever, But You Can Still Buy
Ah, the ’90s. A simpler time when gel pens were in, The Babysitters Club flew off of bookshelves, MTV still played music videos, and nearly every family in America watched Saturday morning cartoons. For me, the latter held the most value. No TV binge was complete without a big bowl of cereal, and the ’90s gave us some of our very best gems. While the ’90s may be long gone at this point, some our favorite discontinued cereals are experiencing a comeback.
May 1, 2019
No, You’re Not Drunk This New Trader Joe’s Wine is Actually Talking to You
On your next trip to Trader Joe’s you just might spot a mugshot on a bottle of Merlot. But don’t worry or run away — this doesn’t mean there was a prison break in your area. Instead this uptick in criminal activity on aisle wine is thanks to 19 Crimes, an Australian brand that touts bottles of vino labeled with vintage mugshots of criminals-turned-colonists.
Sep 5, 2018
Disneyland Serving Alcohol Is Actually Kind of a Bad Idea
Hold on to your Mickey ears, because the happiest place on earth recently announced that they will start serving alcohol, breaking Disneyland’s 63-year-old “dry” run. The initial rollout of liquor sales will take place at Oga’s Cantina, located inside the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction slated to open in summer 2019.
Sep 4, 2018