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The Biggest Reason You’re Still Drowning in Clutter (And What to Do About It)
Do you regularly put in real, genuine effort to declutter your kitchen, but still find yourself being overwhelmed by all the stuff? Do you ever wonder where it all comes from? There could be one thing that you’re doing that’s keeping the clutter levels high; see if it’s something you can eliminate from your life to help eliminate your clutter. In other words, you’re keeping things just in case.
Jun 21, 2018
The Real Reason Your Fridge Is Always a Mess
My fridge problem isn’t the physical act of cleaning it out; I do that every now and then without trouble. The real issue is keeping it organized and functional for more than a week or two at a time. The whole beautiful array of fresh veggies and lined-up condiments will slowly turn into a jumbled clutter that hides almost-expired products and allows containers of leftovers to grow their own ecosystems in the back.
May 22, 2018
5 Reasons Your Kitchen Is Messy (Plus 5 Easy Solutions)
Ask yourself honestly: Is your kitchen messy right now? Are you a bit boggled as to why, as it feels like you’re constantly trying to keep it clean and uncluttered? There are some common clutter causes that work against a clean kitchen — here are five of the biggest ones. If any of these are the culprits keeping your kitchen messier than you’d like it to be, we also have some suggestions for how to solve each issue.
Apr 5, 2018
3 Secrets of People with Flawlessly Clean Kitchens
You know the type of person we’re talking about. It doesn’t matter if you’re at their home for a party or just dropping by for an unannounced visit — their kitchens are always impeccably clean (and seemingly effortlessly). What do they know that you don’t? These three things. What sounds more overwhelming: giving your countertops a quick swipe after cooking a meal, or trying to wipe up after a week’s worth of cooked meals?
Mar 27, 2018
The One Kitchen Item That Belongs in Every Room in the House
If you find yourself surrounded by seemingly endless piles of clutter all the time — old magazines, empty envelopes, and more — you might be in need of a shortcut to help you cut the clutter out of your life. This simple solution might not seem like much, but it could be the trick you’ve needed to fit your lifestyle. That might seem like a lot of trash cans, perhaps even unnecessarily so, but hear me out.
Mar 22, 2018
Kate Payne’s Hip, Homemaking Haven
You know how sometimes you go into a domestic diva’s (or fella’s) kitchen and get totally insecure about your own cooking skills and suddenly find yourself really shy? Kate Payne and her kitchen are the complete opposite of that. In fact, when you walk into her cheery and friendly kitchen in her East Austin home, you come away with a feeling of wanting to tackle all kinds of cool kitchen and cooking projects.
May 1, 2012