I Tried Costco’s Cult-Favorite Frozen Pizza — And I Get the Hype

published May 17, 2023
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Indianapolis - Circa April 2023: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion dollar membership retailer.
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Out of the abundance of freezer finds offered at Costco, have you ever taken a good look at the frozen pizza section? It might take you a minute to sift through them all; there are multiple crust permutations and topping combinations to choose from, including this foolproof cauliflower crust pizza.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new additions — I never know when the next cheesy, saucy slice will top my tried-and-true favorites. But I also often fall back on the frozen pizzas I already know. (They’re staples for a reason!) Which is why I was excited to come across this rave-worthy warehouse find.

I first learned about Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. from a post in a Costco-centric Facebook. The caption alone was enough to pique my interest: “I ran to my phone to join a Costco group because the world needs to know how great this pizza is. It is better than almost any delivery/restaurant I’ve ever been to … almost any.” A quick scroll revealed hundreds of comments with many similar claims. One added, “This is the ONLY frozen pizza I will buy.”

Credit: Kurt Suchman

What You Should Know About Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. Double Pepperoni Detroit-Style Deep Dish Frozen Pizza

Even though I wasn’t familiar with Detroit-style pizza, I knew I had to try it. Deep-dish may make you think of Chicago, but Detroit has its own deep-dish pizza that some (including many members of said Facebook group) say reigns supreme. Unlike Chicago-style, Detroit-style pizza is topped with cheese (not sauce) and is baked in rectangular pans and cut into squares (or slabs, for those initiated). The result: a thick, tender crust.

Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. makes several different kinds, including four cheese, double pepperoni, and supreme pizzas. My local Costco only had the Double Pepperoni, which coincidentally was the same one from the FB post, so into the cart it went. (Some commenters said they were able to find these at other stores, like Walmart and Target; although they may be priced a bit higher.)

Credit: Kurt Suchman

My Honest Review of Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. Double Pepperoni Detroit-Style Deep Dish Frozen Pizza

One of the first things that caught my attention about the pizza was how heavy it was! The box includes two deep-dish pizzas (individually wrapped), each one weighing over a pound and a half (18 ounces). A standard frozen pizza is often less than a pound (13 ounces). They also come in their own oven-safe baking trays.

This pizza isn’t lying when it says double pepperoni, either! Along with plenty of your typical pepperoni slices arranged in straight lines, there were also heaps of finely chopped pepperoni pieces scattered across the top — so every bite was assured to have plenty of the spicy sausage. 

Credit: Kurt Suchman

After baking the pizza at 425 degrees for about 25 minutes according to the directions (the box recommends baking in the conventional oven and not in a toaster oven or air fryer), the pizza came out bubbling and golden, like something out of a pizza joint. Being from New Jersey myself, the thick square pie reminded me of the Sicilian-style slices I used to get from the local pizza place by my high school after class. Needless to say, I was getting very excited to dig in.

Compared to other frozen pizzas, this crust is in a league of its own. It’s soft and tender (reminiscent of fresh focaccia) and is unlike any other frozen pizza I’d had before. On top of the strong and impressive base, I love the bold tomato sauce, which was bright and tangy and tasted like it was stewed for hours on Nonna’s stovetop. It stood up to all the flavor of the spicy pepperoni and milky mozzarella. And at $12.99 for not one but two pizzas, I’ll be keeping a box in my freezer for any future pizza nights.

Find it in stores: Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. Double Pepperoni Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza, $12.99 for 2 pizzas

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