I Tried Green Bean Casserole Sparkling Water and the Taste Is Not at All What I Expected

published Nov 21, 2022
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I Tried Aura Bora's Green Bean Casserole Sparkling Water
Credit: Aura Bora

Whether it’s your grandma’s turkey candlestick holders, the shlock sound of cranberry sauce as it plops out of its can, or your mom’s chestnut stuffing, Thanksgiving is all about traditions. More now than ever, though, it has become possible for classics to sometimes get a little modern twist. And such is the case with Aura Bora’s newest herbal sparkling water flavor, as it takes the beloved green bean casserole side dish and turns it into a refreshing … beverage? Stay with me on this. You won’t be sorry. 

First let’s discuss the casserole itself. Created in 1955 by Dorcas Reilly at the Campbell Soup Company, it’s estimated the dish is served at 20 million Thanksgiving dinners in the U.S. each year. With just six ingredients — a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, black pepper, green beans, and crunchy fried onions — green bean casserole is perfect for the family feast table because of its simplicity, small price tag, and make-ahead appeal.

Enter: Aura Bora. Known for celebrating unique flavor profiles not traditionally seen in the sparkling water world (we see you, Banana Bergamot — a creamy banana blend with a yellow tint from real banana extract), Aura Bora is turning this Thanksgiving side dish upside down. Or, better said, they’re pouring one out with the limited homage.

“We were inspired to put a twist on traditional Thanksgiving flavors, and turkey felt like a step too far,” explained Aura Bora Co-Founder, Paul Vogue. Apparently, they do thankfully have limits. So instead, Green Bean Casserole sparkling water was born. “We turned the worst Thanksgiving side dish (in our humble opinion) into a bright, sweet, succulent, and buttery flavor.” (You can definitely speak for yourself, Paul, as we love our classic side dish.)

According to the company’s description, it has a “sweet, earthy, and buttery flavor” and is like taking a bite out of a “perfectly crunchy, succulent green bean.” As for the ingredient list, it includes carbonated water, natural green bean flavor, and sage extract — a far cry from my typical cranberry seltzer. But in my defense, cranberries are another beloved holiday side dish too, no? 

My Honest Review of Aura Bora Green Bean Casserole Sparkling Water

The can itself is as green as you please, with sweetly illustrated floating green beans, sage leaves, and clever drawings. As I prepared myself for the first sip, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the nose knows. The moment I brought the chilled can up to my lips, I was immediately greeted with a familiar scent. But not one you typically smell around the holiday season. It’s one reserved for spring and summer: freshly cut grass!

The flavor followed suit, with a refreshing and decidedly different palate of crisp, snappy, herbal notes and pine-y sage. To me, it had a slight hint of a crisp raw green bean flavor, and thankfully not the cooked concoction. I plan on having a few at my Thanksgiving feast; to wash down heaping spoonfuls of the real deal, of course. 

To buy the latest Aura Bora flavors, such as their limited-edition Honey Pumpkin, check out their site. The Green Bean Casserole variety, however, is available through Aura Bora’s secret menu at $33 per 12-pack while supplies last.