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An August Letter from the Editor: Welcome to Family Month

published Aug 2, 2021
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Happy August! Summer is in its home stretch. I always find this time of year a little confusing: It feels like half the country is at the beach, and the other half is scrambling to get ready for school to start. I’m in the latter group, as I have a rising kindergartener and a brand-new preschooler. Due to the pandemic, neither went to school last year, so over the next two weeks I’m figuring it all out for the very first time: Morning routines! School outfits! What in the world will we do for breakfast? I feel like an absolute newbie (because I am) at this normal-yet-intense phase of family life. Combine that with my sister’s upcoming wedding, and late-summer family life feels very sweet and very full. 

Family life is what we’re all about this month at Kitchn — whatever family looks like for you. Kids, no kids, newly partnered, caring for aging parents, moving out on your own: Family is an evolving experience for each of us that never stands still. But one of the few family constants is feeding others, not just yourself, and we’re here for you in both the challenges and joys of that evolving work as well. 

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We’ve planned many practical strategies for the reentry to school and work this month. They include our Family Dinner Class of 2021 and a back-to-school survival guide for all of those parents and caregivers who, like me, find the shift from all-home to home-plus-school a bit overwhelming. We’ll also have make-ahead salad recipes for the back-to-work crowd, a BLT showdown, and a portable sweet treat we’re calling the Bus Stop Cookie, plus a small, splendid collection of chaat recipes for all your snacking needs. You also will see four special installments of The Way We Eat, our series that features real families in real kitchens. 

This month, I’m also looking forward to the third edition of Kitchn Essentials: Grocery Edition, our annual collection of the most exciting things to buy. (See last year’s here.) We’re all pretty grocery-obsessed at Kitchn, and there’s never been a better time to grocery shop in America as pandemic-fueled online shopping has hurried growth in small brands and fresh innovation in big ones. We can hardly wait to show you this year’s picks! 

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Happy August,


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