Attention Cure-Takers! Send Us Your Cupboard Challenge!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How is your Kitchen Cure going? Are you nearly finished with cleaning out your overly processed and expired foods from the fridge and cupboard? Or perhaps you’re not an official Cure-taker but you have been inspired to clean out your cupboards this week.

Perhaps you have run across a few lingering items that really shouldn’t be thrown out – not yet, at least – but need to be used up soon. Or perhaps you found that you have not one, not two, but THREE bags of Basmati rice in your cupboard. (We are embarrassed by how often we mistakenly stock up on staples we already have.)

Would you like some help in cooking creatively from your cupboards? Send us a Cupboard Challenge!

We used to do Cupboard Challenges regularly – we’d pick out a few items from our fridge and cupboard that needed to be used up. Then we’d post a recipe the next week, showing you how we creatively used up our bits and bobs from the cupboard.

Now it’s your turn. Freezer, fridge, cupboards – you find a few things that need to be used up creatively and send us a photo, or point us to a photo from your set in the Cure Flickr group. Tell us what’s in the photo too.

Email us before Friday through the Contact Us page and put CUPBOARD CHALLENGE in the subject. We’ll post as many as we can through this weekend and try to give a few ideas. The crowd loves to help out with these too; our earlier Cupboard Challenges were an un-ending source of inspiration.

If one of our editors gets really inspired we’ll create a recipe just for you and post it.

Also, browse through our Cupboard Challenge archive for more inspiration.

(Image: Marty Greene from the Cure Flickr group)