This Coffee Subscription Service Totally Won Me Over — and So I Got Kitchn Readers a Special Discount

updated May 29, 2021
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I have always been a coffee lover, but during these rather strange times, my morning cup of coffee has become more than my daily caffeine kick, it’s my one constant source of joy and comfort. In fact, I have been consuming so much coffee on a daily basis that I go through a bag of beans in less than two weeks. So, to keep things exciting and fresh, I started experimenting with different brands and roasts. That’s when I came across Atlas Coffee Club, a DTC subscription service that ethically sources coffee from a new country each month and delivers a bag of freshly roasted beans right to your front door. After racing through my first bag of medium-roasted beans from Ethiopia in just a week, my mug and I couldn’t wait to see where Atlas was taking us next!

How Atlas Coffee Club Works

Atlas offers three size options per shipment — half bag ($9), single bag ($14) and double bag ($28). Once you select a size, the next step is choosing the frequency of delivery (every two weeks or once a month), then the roast preference and grind type. My first box included two bags of whole beans: one light roast and one medium roast. It also came with brewing instructions, a postcard from the country of origin and tasting notes about the coffee and its region, which was an interesting way to learn more about the beans and the history of Ethiopian coffee, in general. Another fun touch was the packaging, which changes each month to reflecting the country’s local landscapes and textiles. The bag is so pretty and colorful that I didn’t even want to empty the beans into an airlock container and instead chose to display it on my countertop.

High-Quality Beans at Affordable Prices

My Atlas subscription has only taken me to Ethiopia so far, but it’s been a rather gratifying journey. I have experimented with a few different ways of brewing the beans, like using my Breville Espresso Machine as well a traditional French press, and both times the flavors pulled have been complex, delicious and intense. The single-origin beans, which are roasted to order, are a lot smaller in size compared to other brands I have experimented with, but they pack such a punch. In fact, I could taste berry and citrus-heavy notes in the coffee I brewed using the lightly roasted beans. As an avid coffee drinker, this is the first time this nuance in flavors really stood out for me.

Coffee Tripping From Your Couch

Since signing up for the monthly Atlas Coffee Club subscription, I haven’t felt the need to look for more exciting options. The brand promises to take me on a new journey each month, exploring the coffee culture and delicious flavors from different parts of the world. And the best part? The prices are comparable to what you’d pay at the grocery store, but the flavors are far more exceptional. If you’re ready to shake up your coffee routine or gift a fellow coffee lover something thoughtful, Atlas Coffee Club is currently offering all Kitchn readers 50 percent off of their first purchase. Simply sign up and enter code KITCHN50 at checkout to enjoy your coffee-themed world tour without ever leaving your couch.

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