AT Walks the Island: Ready. Set. Go!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

And they’re off! Maxwell has just informed me that it’s a beautiful, crisp day out there and he met a few readers at the Christopher Street #1 train station at 8am. They’re headed up to the Broadway Bridge (get off at 215th Street and walk north) to begin the Third Annual AT Walks the Island, departing between 8:45 and 9am.

Maxwell is wearing black fleece pants, an AT hat and an AT shirt, so you can’t miss him. He sometimes sports white sunglasses.

If you plan on joining us, but you didn’t get the early start you’d hoped for, watch the site. Maxwell will be posting to the flickr page so you can track the group. Or, if you’d just like to call, try 917.509.6841.

I’ll be joining mid-morning once diapers are changed and bellies are full.