AT Meetup: Tonight 7-9 – All Over America

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is going to be VERY interesting. Those crazy readers over at the Apartment Therapy home site have organized some events for tonight, that’s TONIGHT. They’re meeting up in bars and the drinks are on us… until the money runs out (password: apartment therapy).

Come meet your interior-design counterparts – maybe we can teach them a thing of two about cooking. The great part about AT readers is that, just like The Kitchen readers, they love using their homes. This is a real community and you can help to shape it. We hope you join us in the following cities:

New York – Jill, Maxwell and I will be hosting over at the Union Square Lounge which is below Coffee Shop and recommended by Sundance. RSVP below, and check out what NYC Apartment Therapy readers are saying about it all here.

San Francisco – The eagle has landed at Fluid, an uber hip bar in downtown, near the financial district. Check out the website. RSVP below and check out the SF thread here.

Chicago – Guest editor’s Janel & Heather will be in attendance along with a rambunctious group of readers over at Webster’s Wine Bar at 1480 W Webster Ave. It may be a bit “ordinary,” but this is just the first gathering. There’s time for more. RSVP below, and join the Chicago thread here.

Los Angeles – Alec, Vanessa, Enrique and assorted others are in for the East/West Bar in West Hollywood (and they might be getting the prize for the hippest location). RSVP below and check out the LA thread here.