Asparagus Tips: One Woman Forecasts 2012 with a Vegetable

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve heard of some fortune telling food mediums like tea leaves and coffee grounds. But using vegetables to predict future events is pretty wacky. Nevertheless, there’s a woman in the UK who swears by it! By the way, she calls herself an “Asparamancer.”

We suppose you can’t make something like this up. Jemima Packington, “Asparamancer,” just announced her predictions for 2012, which include two royal births and the collapse of the Euro. Jemima credits her gift to her great aunt who showed her how to read fortunes in tea leaves. Her method involves presenting a question and tossing asparagus tips in the air. How they fall determines her prediction. If an asparagus tip happens to break in the process, it’s “the equivalent of the death card in Tarot readings. It is not necessarily a bad thing because it indicates a parting of ways.” Only time will tell if Jemima’s asparagus antics prove fruitful!

(Images: Flickr user Muffet licensed for use under Creative Commons)