Is It Safe To Use My Own Recipes for Canning? Ask the Guest Expert: Canning Questions for Marisa McClellan

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Q: How do you can something when you didn’t make it specifically from a canning recipe? I make all kinds of soups I would love to can but they’re not from a canning recipe book.

— Question asked by Graciela

Marisa: Graciela, it’s very tricky to get into pressure canning soups that are not from canning cookbooks. This is because the recipes in those books have been heavily tested by food scientists in order to guarantee their safety. There are so many low-acid ingredients and other variables in soups, that determining processing time and pressure is best left to the experts. A master food preserver would tell you simply that you should not can soups that have been made from untested recipes.

Marisa McClellan, our guest expert this week, is answering your questions on canning and preserving. Marisa writes Food In Jars, a blog devoted to canning, preserving, and other food in jars. She also teaches canning workshops.

Marisa couldn’t get to all of your questions this week, but she’s going to answer a few more of your questions over at her blog this weekend. So make sure to check in there and see if your canning question was answered!

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