This Is the One Unlikely Ingredient Ashton Kutcher Adds to Take His Coffee Up a Notch

published Feb 15, 2023
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Ashton Kutcher at movie promotion event in 2023
Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

When it comes to making the perfect cup of coffee, there really isn’t just one right way to get it done. With the assortment of blends, methods, and flavored add-ons, what may be good to one person might not be so good to another. It’s a very personal experience and relative to the actual person enjoying the beverage. 

Personally, I prefer an espresso made on the stove with a moka pot and mixed with a bit of Italian sweet cream. And if I’m feeling a little fancy, I may even add a couple of pumps of vanilla syrup into the equation to jazz things up a bit. It all depends on my mood. 

Apparently, the same game goes for actor Ashton Kutcher and the way in which he sometimes prefers his coffee.Appearing on the Valentine’s Day episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kutcher opened up about an unexpected ingredient he adds to his coffee, and it’s not what you — or many others, for that matter — would expect: orange juice. But just a “splash” of it, to be exact.

According to the Your Place or Mine actor’s explanation, this little addition may just be a hack coffee lovers need to keep handy. “If I ever have a medium roast coffee and I’m like, ‘I really would prefer this be a little bit more light roast,’ I take just a splash — not very much — a splash of orange juice and it brightens up the coffee and gives it a little bit of sweetness,” he said.

Going on to elaborate on the revelation, Kutcher notes, “I just like black coffee. But, occasionally, I like light roast black coffee. And one of the things about light roast black coffee is that it has citrus notes in it. It’s the acidity that sort of gives it a brightness when you’re drinking coffee, so [by adding OJ] it doesn’t get that burnt sense about it.”

Adding orange juice to my coffee to me sounds like an expert-level aficionado move. One of which, I don’t think I’m quite ready for. It’s a trick, however, that I may need to  keep tucked awayif the mood ever strikes me.

Watch Ashton Kutcher’s full segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show below.