As a Food-Lover and Cook, What’s Your Dream Vacation?

updated Dec 17, 2019
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(Image credit: Tara Donne)

As a general concept, vacation is something I think we can all get behind. Everyone can agree that a few days off from the daily grind (whatever your version of the daily grind is) is a very good thing.

But what isn’t so clear cut is what the ideal vacation looks like. For some, it is a trip halfway around the world to explore a new culture and a new cuisine. For others, it’s the pool a few towns over, with outdoor grills and picnic tables nearby.

So, we’re throwing the question out to you: As a cook and a food-lover, what’s your dream vacation?

(Image credit: Tara Donne)

For me, vacation means proximity to water — any water will do, but ideally the ocean — the ability to dine out in my sandals if I feel like it, and a midday glass of wine (or two). Yes, I love to explore new cities, but, at this point in my life, vacation means the absence of the pressure to do much of anything (other than eat fresh fish in shoes that allow me to wiggle my toes). I’m happy as a clam to eat clams and drink a cold beer and catch up on my reading list.

Still, it wasn’t so long ago that this kind of vacation bored me to tears! And for many of you, I imagine sand and Sancerre seems more than a bit dull.

So, as we near summer — it’s just six weeks away! — we’re wondering where and what you’re dreaming of. Share with us in the comments and keep an eye out for some travel inspiration, whether you’re looking for a far-flung escape or to bliss out on the beach somewhere in Mexico.

Your turn: What’s your dream vacation? Is it different than it used to be?