Artisanal Cola from Pepsi? Yes, That Is Now a Thing

(Image credit: Caleb’s Kola)

Artisanal cola isn’t necessarily a new thing, but now the heavyweights are getting in on the trend.

PepsiCo recently launched a new line of “kola” which it is marketing as a small-batch artisanal product under the name Caleb’s Kola. Caleb Bradham, was the founder of PepsiCo, and now the namesake of this line.

If you can get past the fact that they are spelling kola with a “k,” you’ll find that Caleb’s Kola does have a clearer ingredient list than traditional Pepsi, but we still aren’t sure what “brown spices” entails.

Right now, if you want to get your hands on a bottle of Caleb’s Kola, you’ll have to have a Costco membership, and live in New York, Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.

Will you give this new soda a swig?