Around the World In 192 Burgers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What do you do when the only thing your dad will eat is burgers? Get creative!

Blogger Linda Monach, of Burgers Here and There, says her dad is wary of her adventurous cooking … so she’s on a mission to introduce him to international flavors by way of the hamburger.

Monach plans to develop a burger recipe inspired by the popular flavors of each country in the world – 192 total!

To date she has researched and created recipes for 11 places, from Afghanistan through Azerbaijan. Her definition of “burger” allows for quite a bit of creativity – “burger = starchy base with ground or shredded meat patty on top (top “bun” is optional)” – and she’s served burgers on biscuits and lavash, with spiced chutney and chimichurri. So far her dad seems to approve.

Check it out: Burgers Here and There

Many of the bread and topping suggestions could work with veggie burgers as well as beef, lamb, or other meat burgers. Do you have any favorite internationally inspired burger recipes?

(Image: Faith Durand)