Around the Kitchen: Creative Ways to Use Non-Slip Liner

Around the Kitchen: Creative Ways to Use Non-Slip Liner

Emma Christensen
Oct 27, 2010

Who would think that a roll of non-slip drawer liner could be so handy? Not us! But since buying some to line our silverware drawer a few years ago, we've started using the leftover scraps in all sorts of crazy ways.

Non-slip drawer liner is made of rubbery mesh that grips surfaces and reduces friction. They usually come in rolls and can be found at just about any store that sells hardware supplies, like Lowes or Home Depot. If you're having trouble finding it, look in the section that sells power tools. Mechanics often use these rubber mats to line their tool boxes.

In the kitchen, we have some in every single drawer. It keeps everything from silverware trays to loose spatulas from sliding to the back every time you pull a drawer open.

That's the obvious one. Here are some of the other ways we've come to use it:

Underneath Cutting Boards - This keeps your cutting board from slipping while you cut.
To Open Jars - Forget all those fancy jar-opening gadgets. A square of this stuff works every time.
Under the Mixer - Standing mixers have a tendency to "walk" over the counter while in use. We've found that sticky mat underneath helps.
Under Mixing Bowls and Pans - If we're using a hand mixer or pouring batter into a pan, a bit of mat underneath keeps it in one place.
Tightening Faucets and Drawer Handles - When we don't have a wrench handy, this mat will grip slippery knobs to tighten them up.
Emergency Drying Rack - When we have an overflow of dishes after a party, we've found that a square of non-slip mat on the counter makes a handy spot to let the dishes dry. The mesh lets moisture evaporate from underneath and the sticky keeps glasses from sliding.

Have you found any other ways for using non-slip drawer liners in the kitchen?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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