Arielle’s Warm and Practical Artistic Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just came across a kitchen that we do believe manages to have it all. It’s warm and glowing, painted in that yellow color we do love in kitchens. It’s artistic, with art scattered about, and an antique table from Italy in the corner. And yet it’s also practical in so many ways; it’s clear that a real cook lives here.

This kitchen in a historic cottage belongs to Arielle, an Italian professor in Portland, Maine. She brought inspiration from Italy and European carnivals in the colors she chose, the artwork on the walls, and the 18th century iron cafe table from Como, Italy, in a corner of the kitchen. Some of the cupboard doors are stained glass artwork, too.

We love this kitchen; it’s spacious but not too large. It’s warm and bright, but also soothing in its openness. And we really like some of the storage choices that Arielle made, like the pans hanging under the cupboards, and the neatly stacked glass jars.

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(Images: Ronee Saroff)