Are You Interested in Brooklyn-Made Copper Cookware?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The owners of The Brooklyn Kitchen are in the early stages of adding a line of locally made tin-lined copper cookware.

Harry from The Brooklyn Kitchen told us: “I’m ecstatic about being able to offer copper pots that aren’t just made in America, but right in the borough.”

If there’s enough interest, the store would sell some of the copper cookware in their shop and may also be able to take special orders and send away old copper pieces to be re-lined.

Copper pots and pans distributes heat more efficiently than stainless steel. Also … the sample copper pot we saw was so handsome with a sturdy, hand-made feel.

While the price of copper is “through the roof” as Harry told us, these might be a nice treat or a special gift. Do you have questions about cooking with copper or a copper pan tale to tell? Would you be interested in buying a copper pot from this special line?