Are You Drinking Enough Water? Ways to Make Water More Appetizing

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Some sources say 8 glasses, some say 13 cups, other say that it depends. Regardless, it all seems to boil down to: “Drink more water!” Simply guzzling down glass after glass of plain water can get, well, boring. We’re cooks after all! We like to keep things interesting!

So we’re curious: what are your favorite ways to gussy up a simple glass of water?

Our tried and true method is squeezing a few tablespoons of citrus into a tall glass of water and then dropping the whole rind in for good measure. Lemon is always good, but we also like lime, orange, and even grapefruit!

A few sprigs of mint also goes a long way toward making water more appealing. A few leaves of crushed basil or lemon verbena also make interesting variations.

Iced tea can cause some debate, as there are arguments that the caffeine in black tea ends up dehydrating you. When served over ice, we actually prefer the more delicate taste of most herbal teas. Decaffeinated teas are always another option.

For something a little sweeter, try a few tablespoons of simple syrup that have been infused with a favorite herb or spice.

If you like fizzy water and want to go high-tech, soda syphons are a good investment. They add an extra sparkle to a glass of water and reduce the waste from buying bottles.

What other suggestions do you have?

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