Are You a Vegetable Hider?

published Feb 2, 2012
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If you have kids or picky eaters at home, you may have become frustrated in your attempts to include vegetables in meals. Have you resorted to hiding vegetables in a variety of dishes or baked goods? Well, last week on Gilt Taste, Francis Lam took this phenomenon into the realm of adulthood, describing his efforts to add vegetables to tomato sauce.

Lam talks about hiding vegetables in a sauce like tomato sauce because, “They’re thrilling to use, almost invisibly, as seasoning- the surprise of biting into something and getting their flavor, unexpected and delightful.” It brings about a new challenge when you leave behind stocks or pestos or other easy ways to achieve flavor and, instead, rely on the varied flavors and textures that vegetables can impart in your cooking.

And that’s what Lam did with his recipe for Spicy Tomato-Chard Poached Eggs a dish that boasts a rich tomato sauce using an entire head of Swiss chard. This got us thinking about creative ways to add greens and vegetables to everyday dishes, and we’d like to know: are you a vegetable hider? Is it just when it comes to your kids or picky eaters in the household, or do you experiment with adding vegetables into everyday dishes?

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(Image: Megan Gordon)