Are You a Fan of Raincoast Crisps?

We sampled these crackers at Whole Foods a few days ago, smeared with a mixture of goat cheese and strawberries (very good). Then, when we looked around on the internet for more information, we found out people are sort of fanatic about them. Where have we been?

Raincoast Crisps (try to avoid calling them Rainforest Crisps. It’s hard.) are made by Lesley Stowe Fine Foods, a company run by a chef in Vancouver. So, most of the die-hard fans we’ve come across on the web are from Canada, and that might explain why we’re not familiar with the product.

We think Raincoast Crisps have been around in San Francisco for a while, but unless we’re missing something, they are new to New York.

The crackers come in different flavors — Rosemary Raisin Pecan, Cranberry Hazelnut, Fig and Olive, and Spicy Sundried Tomato, along with Original — and are extremely crispy, nutty, and slightly sweet. We’ve even seen recipes around the web for re-creating them at home, they’ve become so popular.

They are also very pretty, with little nuggets of fruit and nuts. A nice alternative to typical cocktail crackers if you’re putting out a cheese tray.

Are we late to the party? Do you buy and love these crackers?