Are These Mozzarella Shot Glasses Ingenious or Awful?

Are These Mozzarella Shot Glasses Ingenious or Awful?

Ariel Knutson
Jan 15, 2016

Today in strange internet phenomenons, I present to you the mozzarella stick shot. It's a simple concept to understand: You take a cube of mozzarella and hollow it out, you bread it and fry it, and then you fill it with marinara sauce. Would you eat this thing?

Edible shots are quickly becoming a trend. First Dominique Ansel introduced the cookie and milk shot, then we saw these toasted marshmallow shots, and now the mozzarella stick shot. I definitely get the hand-held appeal, but is this something you think you'd actually make?

Through the Eyes of My Belly has a full step-by-step guide if you want to give them a try for your next party. And FYI: This is only the second recipe on the new blog; the other recipe is chocolate bacon shots.

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