Are There Any Copper Pans That Work for Induction Stoves?

published Jun 28, 2010
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Q: In a few weeks I will be moving to a new apartment. Sadly, this apartment doesn’t have the option to install a gas stove and I am forced to choose induction. I also need to buy new pans. I had been ogling Mauviel copper pans. Is there a way to make copper pans work on induction? And what are the other options you would recommend? I have looked at stainless steel, but it just lacks the personality (and in a lot of cases the quality) of copper pans.

Also, when buying pans, which do you recommend to start with? I was figuring I should buy a large skillet, a small and medium saucepan and a large stockpot. Would you add any other necessary pots or pans to that?

Sent by Bart

Editor: Bart, we do not know of any copper cookware that is suitable for induction cooking. This may depend a bit on the induction cooktop, though, as it is technically possible to make an induction stove that works with copper. This hasn’t been really common, though; most are calibrated to work best with iron. Here’s an excellent explanation of induction and cookware needs:

Induction Cookware at The Induction Site

If you just want handsome pots and pans though (and we like your starter list, by the way) what about a few good All-Clad pans? They will last a lifetime. If you have some extra cash, the Demeyere line at Sur La Table is also very, very good looking.

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