Are Slow Cookers Really That Great?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recently, some very dear and generous friends of mine gave me a slow cooker for my birthday and I have to admit, I’m sort of on the fence about whether I want to keep it.

You see, my kitchen is quite small. I have very little counter and storage space so it would take a great deal of reconfiguring of where I put everything. And yet I’m still sort of intrigued about the purported glory that is slow cooking. Sort of. My mom has three of Crock Pots, in different sizes and I know a number of readers of this site love them. I always hear about how hands off they are, such little effort and all that, but I’m not completely convinced.

I have to say, slow cookers feel a little one-note. I mean, I love pot roast, but it sort of seems like that’s all a slow cooker is good for. Am I wrong in assuming that any meat cooked it in turns into fall off the bone baby food? It seems like the components of any soup cooked in one is destined to turn into mush. And then of course the worrier in me gets anxious at the thought of leaving it on while at work. It feels like leaving an iron on all day. I do however, like the idea of using them to make my own stock.

The thing is, I like to cook. I like being involved in the process. Sure coming home to a meal that cooked itself in my absence seems convenient, but if I was really into food as a convenience, I’d be buying microwaveable dinners at Trader Joe’s.

Are my concerns warranted or am I just completely misinformed? Should I keep the slow cooker or is store credit at Bed, Bath and Beyond more valuable?

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