Are Green Potatoes Safe to Eat?

updated May 1, 2019
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Q: My husband bought a bag of Yukon Gold potatoes from the grocery store and many of them were green. Are these okay to eat? They kind of creeped me out and I tossed some, but surely they wouldn’t bag five pounds of potatoes if most of them are inedible, right? Is this safe?

Sent by Mimi

Editor: Green-tinged potatoes are usually a result of exposure to light, which increases alkaloid levels. This is generally not harmful in low amounts, though it can make the potatoes taste bitter. (In higher quantities, these alkaloids can cause digestive problems, and in very high quantities, they can cause more serious health problems, though these instances are rare.) Personally, I peel green potatoes more aggressively than usual, removing all the green flesh before cooking them. Here’s more information about this:

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